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Create Learning Center Profiles

When you develop an MDG Technology, it is possible to support your users with Help, additional documentation, examples and shortcuts by including customized pages (or Toolboxes) in the Learning Center. When the Technology is deployed, the customized  pages are simply added to the standard Learning Center. You might, for example, have a technology that helps users perform debugging tasks, so would create a Learning Center page definition to provide supporting documentation and demonstrations, similar to the one shown.




The Metaclass element identifies the definition as being for a Learning Center page and the Stereotype element defines the contents of the page for a Learning Center topic. Each attribute of the element defines one of a range of command buttons on the page.

Create the Profile



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Create a Profile with a recognizable name for the MDG Technology in which it is to be deployed; for example, LearnDebug.

The Profile name will be displayed as an option in the drop-down list at the top of the Learning Center window, along with Modeling Basics and Getting Started.

The Profile automatically contains one child Class diagram. Depending on how many new Learning Center pages you intend to create, you can define:

One page on one child diagram
Several pages on one diagram, or
Several pages grouped on several diagrams


In the third case, create any further child Class diagrams you need.


Create a Profile Package


Open the child Class diagram and drag a Metaclass element onto the diagram from the Diagram Toolbox. Give it the name ToolboxPage. (Type this name exactly as shown here, with no spaces.)


Add Stereotypes and Metaclasses


Drag a Stereotype element onto the diagram from the Diagram Toolbox. Give it the name of the topic; for example, Debugging Tasks.

Also on the element Properties dialog, in the Alias field, type the text to appear in the title bar of the Learning Center page; for example, Debugging Profile.

(To show this Alias, right-click on the diagram background, select the Properties context menu option and the Diagram tab, and select the Use Alias if Available checkbox.)


Add Stereotypes and Metaclasses


Drag an Extension connector from the Stereotype element to the Metaclass element.




Click on the Stereotype element and press F9 to display the Attributes dialog. Assign the attributes to define the content of the Learning Center page.


Define Learning Center Content


Depending on what Profile package organization you adopted at step 1, and whether you need to define any more Learning Center pages, repeat steps 2 - 5 on this diagram or on another child diagram.




Save the diagram(s) as a Learning Center Profile, using the method most appropriate to the Profile package organization you have set up.


Export a Profile


Add the Learning Center Profile(s) to the .MTS file used in the MDG Technology.

Add Learning Center Pages


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