Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Learning Center

The Learning Center window provides quick access to a range of context-specific Enterprise Architect help topics, online resources and facilities in a number of specific work areas in Enterprise Architect, such as Getting Started, Modeling or Testing.

These topic areas can include topics specific to any MDG Technologies being used with Enterprise Architect.

Access    View | Learning Center   or Alt+F1
                  (Also, when you first open Enterprise Architect, the Learning Center automatically displays on the right of the screen)


Initiate a task or process within a specific work area
Display topics from Enterprise Architect Help that describe either procedures or facilities to achieve objectives in a work area
Display web pages or documents that provide conceptual information or examples within a work area
Run selected reports or data collation tools
Run demonstrations of functions within a work area

To display information listed in the Learning Center, click on the required item.

The types of item are indicated by the list titles and by the following icons




Open appropriate topics from the Enterprise Architect Help file.



Open web pages or documents on the Sparx Systems web site.



Begin Enterprise Architect tasks appropriate to the Learning Center topic area; you must be in an appropriate functional area of Enterprise Architect in order for these tasks to function, such as in an open diagram.



Begin Add-In tasks appropriate to the Learning Center topic area; you must be in an appropriate functional area in order for these tasks to function.



Open report facilities to provide information or data collation tools.



Start demonstrations of Enterprise Architect functions in action.


The selected information, web page or demonstration displays on a Browser tab in the main view, or the appropriate task or report window opens.

To switch between the topic areas, either:

Click on the drop-down arrow at the right of the Learning Center toolbar and select the required area from the list, or
Click on the left or right arrow buttons in the toolbar


The 'Home' icon returns you to the Getting Started topic area.