Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Main Menu

Enterprise Architect provides a wide range of high-level and administrative functions for setting up and managing your projects throughout the project life cycle. You can access these functions by mouse, through a set of Main Menu options at the top of the Enterprise Architect workspace.

Main Menu Options


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File - Lists options to create, open, close and save projects, and also to perform print tasks.



Edit - Lists options to invoke a range of functions to apply to diagram elements in the currently open diagram or view.



View - Lists options to display various project windows, show or hide toolbars, and set the visual style of your  system workspace.



Project - Provides access to tools to manage your project and to add to the project structure, such as importing and exporting data, generating documentation, version control and security.



Diagram - Lists options to configure diagram properties and options and to save diagram images to file.



Element - Lists options to configure and access element features and details, control element layout, generate documentation and work on source code for the element.



Tools - Provides access to a range of tools related to code engineering, performing transformations, creating technologies, spell checking, customization of features and setting operational options.



Analyzer - Provides access to a range of functions to perform build, debug, simulation and profiling operations on your model code.



Extensions - Lists options to connect to, display information on, work with, export and manage your Add-Ins.



Settings - Provides options to configure various properties for your overall project, such as stereotypes, Tagged Values, cardinality values, datatypes, language macros, local directories and image management.



Window - Provides options for organizing and managing open system windows.



Help - Provides options for displaying the Enterprise Architect Help files, the Read Me file, the Enterprise Architect End User License Agreement, the Example model, and a number of resources on the Sparx Systems website; it also enables you to manage your license keys.




If you right-click on the empty areas of the Main Menu ribbon or Toolbar ribbon, a composite context menu displays providing options to display the toolbars and all significant windows and views
If you click and hold the vertical dotted line at the left of the Main Menu ribbon, you can drag the Main Menu to display above or below the Toolbar ribbon, on the bottom of the screen, vertically on either side of the screen, or as a floating Toolbar in any other screen position that is convenient to you, even on a separate screen from the Enterprise Architect work area