Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Standard Toolbars

Enterprise Architect provides a set of toolbars containing convenient shortcuts to a wide range of common functions that you can perform on your project  as a whole through to the individual modeling units. You can also customize the toolbars by deleting and reordering the default button set.

The toolbars are initially displayed in the toolbar banner at the top of the workspace, but you can display them at the foot of the workspace, drag and dock them within the workspace, or float them over the application; this is useful when you are using a certain set of functions a lot in a particular area.

You can also dock toolbars to the edge of the Enterprise Architect workspace by dragging them by the title bar and placing them against the appropriate edge.

Available toolbars


Each toolbar has a drop-down arrow at the right-hand end, toolbararrow, which can be enabled or hidden using the Visual Style sub-menu. If you click on this drop-down arrow, the Add or Remove Buttons option displays. Select this option to show a context menu listing the toolbars that are displayed on the same line as the current toolbar, and an option to customize toolbars - both your own and the system-provided toolbars.

You can select one of the toolbars identified on the context menu to list the icons available through that toolbar. Click on the icons as necessary to hide or show them in the toolbar.

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