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Status Bar

The Status bar displays at the bottom of the Enterprise Architect workspace. It provides feedback on current operations and other status information, and enables you to manipulate the scale of a diagram.

Access     View | Toolbars | Status Bar

Use to

Identify the type and name of the currently selected element in a diagram (or the status of a Model Search)
Identify the name of the currently-selected feature, if one is selected
View the current coordinates of the top left corner of the selected element, and its width and height
Adjust the scale of the current diagram by up to 50%,  through use of a zoom slider
Check the status of ( Caps Lock ), ( Num Lock ), ( Scrl Lock ) and the WAN Optimizer (bold indicates 'in use', pale indicates 'off')
Check, by the presence of a triangle in the bottom right corner, that the screen is not maximized; you can drag the screen corner to increase the size of the window






See also

Right-click on Status Bar

Configure the status bar by opening a context menu that enables you to hide or show the element name, element coordinates, zoom slider or status indicators.




Zoom Out

Zoom out of the current diagram.




Adjust Zoom

Adjust the scale of the current diagram by moving the slider.




Zoom In

Zoom in on the current diagram.





This facility has no impact on other users who might view the diagram
The facility has the same function as the Scale view by field on the Diagram Appearance page of the Options dialog; changes in the 'zoomed' display scale of a diagram update this field and are applied to any other diagrams that you open
The facility also has no impact any other diagram Zoom facility in Enterprise Architect

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