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Workspace Layouts Toolbar

As you perform work on your model you use various toolbars and windows; you will quite likely use the same toolbars and windows regularly, in an arrangement that suits the way in which you use the system. Rather than having to re-open and arrange these tools at the start of each work session, you can use either a predefined or a customized work environment - or workspace.  Workspaces:

Automatically open and organize all the tools appropriate to an area of work such as Requirements Management, Code Engineering and Debugging
Help a new user by:
Opening the tools that are appropriate to a task so that they can immediately get started, and
Showing the user what tools they should become familiar with for that area of work
Help you switch rapidly to work environments for either successive or completely different areas of work
Re-establish a work environment that you have accidentally or deliberately changed

To select, create and maintain workspaces you can use the Workspace Layouts toolbar, which you can leave in the Toolbar ribbon, dock to any main window edge or float freely in a convenient location for quick access.

Access    View | Toolbars | Workspace Layouts


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Save Workspace Layout As

Click on this icon to save the current workspace layout under an existing name or a new name, using the Save Custom Workspace Layout dialog.


Manage Workspace Layout

Manage Workspaces

Click on this icon to open the Workspaces tab on the Workspaces and Commands dialog, to change to a different workspace layout, create or edit a layout, or delete a layout.


Manage Workspace Layout

Select Layout

Click on the drop-down arrow and select an existing workspace layout to immediately apply.

User-defined layout names have a preceding asterisk; system-provided layouts are not marked with an asterisk.