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Simulation Breakpoints

The Simulation Breakpoints tab of the Breakpoints & Events window enables you to interrupt and inspect  the simulation process.

When dynamically executing a simulation, the process will proceed automatically (in the Corporate and above editions) - if you wish to stop execution at some point to examine variables, inspect call stacks or otherwise interact with the simulator, you can set a breakpoint on a model element in much the same was as you would with a line of source code. When the simulator reaches the breakpoint execution is halted and control returned to Enterprise Architect.

Access   Analyzer | Breakpoints & Events > Simulation Breakpoints




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The simulation executes the model step-by-step, enabling you to validate the logic of your behavior model; the simulation halts when it reaches an element defined as a breakpoint.

The UML elements that can be defined as breakpoints include: Actions, Activities, States and most other behavioral nodes (decision, initial, final etc.).

The UML relationships that can be defined as breakpoints include: Interaction Messages.

The breakpoints are stored as Breakpoint Sets for a given Enterprise Architect project.

Elements that are included in a simulation and that have breakpoints are marked by a green circle off the top left corner of the element, whilst the simulation is in progress. If the simulation is not running, the green circles are not displayed.

When Javascript is enabled, all Simulation variables will be displayed in the Locals window - and it is possible to modify Simulation variables using the Simulation window's console input field (underneath the Toolbar).


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Enables all breakpoints defined in the current Breakpoint Set for the simulation session.




Deletes all breakpoints defined in the current Breakpoint Set for the simulation session.




Disables all breakpoints defined in the current Breakpoint Set for the simulation session.




Adds a breakpoint for the selected element or Sequence message to the current Breakpoint Set.




Changes the selected Breakpoint Set for use in the simulation session.




Performs Breakpoint Set commands:

New Set: Create a new Breakpoint Set
Save As Set: Saves the current Breakpoint Set under a new name
Delete Selected Set: Deletes the current Breakpoint Set
Delete All Sets: Deletes all Breakpoint Sets saved for the diagram



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