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WSDL Transformation

The purpose of the WSDL transformation is to create from a simple model an expanded model of a WSDL interface that is suitable for generation.




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WSDL Transformation

Take the following example interface:


This generates the corresponding WSDL component, service, port type, binding and messages as follows.

Classes are handled in the same way as the XSD Transformation
All in parameters are transformed into WSDL Message Parts in the Request message
The return value and all out and return parameters are transformed into WSDL Message Parts in the Response message
All methods where a value is returned are transformed into Request-Response operations while all methods not returning a value are transformed into OneWay operations
The transformation does not handle generation of Solicit-Response and Notification methods or faults



The resulting package can then have the specifics filled out using the WSDL editing capabilities of Enterprise Architect, and finally be generated using WSDL generation.


XSD Transformation

WSDL Generation

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