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Reporting Linked Documents

If you have large quantities of information to provide on an element or package, you can attach it as a formatted RTF document either as the content of a Document Artifact element associated with your subject element, or by attaching the RTF file directly to the element (depending on the edition of Enterprise Architect you are using). In either case, you can include the linked document contents in your RTF report by selecting one or more of the Linked Document checkboxes in the report template definition.

Access     Project | Documentation | Document Template Designer > Sections

Add sections to report on Linked Documents



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Add sections

Select the checkboxes for the levels of Linked Document you want to include in the report:

Package > Package Element > Linked Document
Package > Package Element > External Requirements > Linked Document
Package > Element > Linked Document or
Package > Element > External Requirements > Linked Document


The linked document is rendered into the RTF documentation at:

linked document >
<linked document


Linked Documents

Creating Document Artifacts


In some system templates that you might copy, the Linked Document checkbox is only available as a child of the External Requirements checkbox
You do not need to add any fields between the linked document section markers

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