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Reporting Profiled Relationship Matrices

When you are using the Relationship Matrix, you search on combinations of source and target packages, element types, connector type and connector direction. You can save your frequently-used combinations as profiles, and you can include the results of using these profiles in your RTF report by setting up a section in the report template.

You do not directly specify a matrix profile; by default the report executes and captures the Relationship Matrix contents for the first profile that includes the subject package as the source or target package. If your report covers a tree of packages, the first profile that includes a source or target package in that tree is captured in the report.

Access     Project | Documentation | Document Template Designer > Sections

Add section to report on Relationship Matrix contents



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Add section

Select the Package > Relationship Matrix checkbox; the relationship matrix section markers are added to the template.

relationship matrix >
<relationship matrix

By right-clicking between the markers, you can insert a number of fields to identify specific aspects of the profile, such as relationship name, direction, type, target element and element type, and source element and element type.






Add Section Content


You can view a list of the Relationship Matrix profiles in your project in the Resources window, in the Matrix Profiles folder

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