Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


The New Diagram Defaults page of the Options dialog enables you to configure overall options for new diagrams and general diagram behavior.

Access:     Tools | Options > Diagram

Use to:

  • Configure diagram options and behaviours




See also

Default Page Size

Show the default page size for new diagrams, which you set by clicking on the Page Setup button to display the Page Setup dialog.


Print with Border

Print pages with a border.



Print pages in landscape orientation. This checkbox is controlled from the Page Setup dialog.


Show Public Features
Show Protected Features
Show Private Features

Set the default visibility of Class features.


Show Diagram Notes

Display the diagram details in the top left corner of all diagrams in the model; details include diagram name, package, version and author.


Use Opaque Diagram Labels

Specify where opaque diagram labels should display. Screen and Printing are best, Clipboard and Files might not be desirable.


Strict UML Syntax

Enforce compliance with UML syntax when adding new connectors and other structures

The syntax check is not performed for stereotyped elements that have had the _metatype attribute set


Define a Stereotype as a Metatype

Disable fully scoped object names

Disable fully scoped object names, when an element is in a diagram; don't use when the element is in its home package.

A scoped name is of the format MyClasses::foo, the :: character indicating that the Class is within another namespace.


Allow change of Created Date

Enable the creation date on the Diagram Properties dialog to be altered.


Zoom to best scale

Resize diagrams to neatly fit the screen.


Auto-pan with middle mouse button

Turn on auto-panning using the middle mouse button. With this option off, the middle mouse button causes a different type of panning.


Scale Saved Bitmaps to

Enable Enterprise Architect to save bitmaps at a higher resolution, suitable for using in published works.


Image Memory Limit

Set an image memory limit when generating images for RTF or HTML and when saving images to file. It is important when you have very large diagrams, as it affects the point at which Enterprise Architect starts to scale down the image; a low memory setting means it scales the image sooner.


Diagram Frames

Select whether diagram frames are to be automatically added to images of diagrams in files saved to disk, print-outs, and the default Enterprise Architect clipboard.

A diagram frame is a labeled outline around the diagram image, providing both a border and a reference.

Diagram Frame