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Quick Linker Example

This example uses a Class element with the stereotype quick. The example scenario is this: when you drag a connector away from one of these elements, you want to create a Dependency either to or from a component element. When you drag a connector onto an existing Port or component element, you want a Dependency either to or from the component or, in the case of a component, you want to be able to create an embedded Port element.

This results in 8 records in the Quick Linker definition file.

  1. Dependency to new Component
  2. Dependency from new Component
  3. Dependency to existing Component
  4. Dependency from existing Component
  5. Dependency to existing Port
  6. Dependency from existing Port
  7. Dependency to existing Component, create new Port
  8. Dependency from existing Component, create new Port

In the spreadsheet, this is implemented by the following values:



This saves to the following CSV:

Class,quick,,,,Component,,Dependency,,to,,Dependency to,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,Component,0,,,,,

Class,quick,,,,Component,,Dependency,,from,,Dependency from,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,Component,0,,,TRUE,,

Class,quick,Component,,,,,Dependency,,to,Dependency to,,TRUE,,TRUE,TRUE,,0,,,,,

Class,quick,Component,,,,,Dependency,,from,Dependency from,,TRUE,,TRUE,TRUE,,0,,,TRUE,,

Class,quick,Port,,,,,Dependency,,to,Dependency to,,TRUE,,TRUE,TRUE,,0,,,,,

Class,quick,Port,,,,,Dependency,,from,Dependency from,,TRUE,,TRUE,TRUE,,0,,,TRUE,,

Class,quick,Component,,,Port,,Dependency,,to,,Dependency to,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,Port,0,,TRUE,,,

Class,quick,Component,,,Port,,Dependency,,from,,Dependency from,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,Port,0,,TRUE,TRUE,,


You can create the following profile and cut and paste the CSV data into the document artifact to test the effect.