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The Normal.rtf Style Template

Every custom template or RTF document you create is automatically based on the Normal.rtf template file. This is an external file that provides default styles, numbering and other base formats, such as the default list numbering, MasterList. You can edit the Normal.rtf file to apply your own styles to the RTF documents and templates you create.

Access     The Normal.rtf template is stored in %APPDATA%\Sparx Systems\EA\RTF Templates

Edit Normal.rtf



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Open the Document Template Designer and create a new template called, for example, Normal.

Design Custom RTF Templates



Select the File | Import menu option to import the Normal.rtf file into the Normal template.


Import RTF Template



Modify the Normal template style definitions as you want, and remove any text before you save the template.


Styles, Special Text & Table of Contents


Export the modified template (File | Export) back into the Normal.rtf file in the RTF Templates folder. The modified styles will be applied to all documents and templates you create from now on.


File Control


You must not edit the SSbookmark style; this defines the section styles and must be preserved
A related feature in the RTF Editor is the File | Update Styles menu option, which enables you to update an existing template to reflect any changes to Normal.rtf

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