Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Print RTF Documents

When you are editing a document or template, you can manage print jobs within the RTF Editor. You can select from options to define the page layout, text to be printed and number of copies, and to check the appearance of the printing before actually submitting the print job.

Access    Select File from the menu bar at the top of the Document Editor window, or right-click and select File within either:
                 -  The Content panel of the Document Template Designer or
                 -  The text area of the document

Print options



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Set the page margins for viewing and printing the document

Select the File | Page Layout menu option.

The Page Parameters dialog displays, on which you can define the left, right, top and bottom page margins in inches.

The Top and Bottom margins define how much space is set aside to contain header and footer text.

In the Header distance from the Page Top and Footer distance from the Page Bottom fields, type the separation of the header and footer text from the edge of the paper.



Set the parameters for the print run

Select the File | Printer Setup menu option, or press ( Ctrl+Shift+P ).

The Print Setup dialog displays for the default printer, which you would have selected on the Windows Control panel.

You can simply confirm or reselect the core parameters such as page size, paper source and page orientation, or click on the Properties button to define more advanced settings such as use of a watermark, duplex printing and print resolution.



Preview document before printing

Select the File | Print Preview menu option to display the document as it would appear when printed.

The editor displays either one page or two - toggle the display by clicking on the One Page or Two Pages buttons. Scroll to further pages using the scroll bar.

By default the preview rectangle is sized to fit the current window; you can use the Fitted field to enlarge or shrink the size of the displayed pages as required.

Click on the Print button to display and use the Print dialog, as described below.

To return to editing mode click on the Edit button, or on the File | Print Preview menu option again.



Print your document

Select the File | Print menu option, or press ( Ctrl+P ).

The Print dialog displays, on which you can select the pages to print and the number of copies, and initiate the print task.

You can also choose to print only a selected part of the file. To do this, highlight the required text before selecting the Print option. You can print a highlighted block of:

Lines, or