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RTF Report Options

Additional RTF report options you can select from the Options panel on the Rich Text Format Report dialog are shown below.




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You can select whether or not to recursively document Packages, show diagrams or add a page break before each new Package. Select the:

·Process all Children checkbox to recursively process all child Packages within the main Package
·Show Diagrams checkbox to include diagrams in your document; clear this item for no diagrams
·New page per package checkbox to force a page break on each new Package (excepting empty Packages)
·Document all elements checkbox to include all elements included in the project
·Document Packages checkbox to document the Package as an element in addition to the documentation that would normally be produced for Package documentation
·Hide 'note-less' elements checkbox to exclude all elements without notes from the documentation
·Embed Diagrams in Document checkbox to ensure that the diagram images are contained within the RTF document rather than stored in a linked external file
·Skip root package checkbox to exclude the parent Package from the documentation and include only the child Packages
·Document Linked Elements checkbox to include the object details for linked elements that do not originate from the selected Package
·Use Heading styles for Details checkbox to ensure that the details are formatted as heading styles rather than formatted text; this option is only available when the Heading Style field in the Main section of the Rich Text Format Report dialog is set to Max 9 levels - elements are Package + 1.


Setting the Main RTF Properties