Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

File and Print Options

Menu Option & Function Keys

Use to


Clear an existing template from the edit window and start an empty, unnamed template.

The editor prompts you to save any modification to the previous template.


Revert to the previously-saved copy of the template.

Save  [Ctrl]+[S]

Save the text to the current file name.

If a file is not yet specified, the editor prompts you for a template name.

Save As  [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[S]

Similar to Save File, but you specify a new template name for saving the template.


Import an existing RTF document into the Template Editor, so as to insert model elements from that document into the template.


This option is useful when creating templates from a predefined document with a particular 'look and feel'.


Save the template as an RTF document rather than as a template.

This can be useful for saving the template for other models.

Update Styles

Imports the styles from Normal.rtf, found in the Doc Templates directory. 


This option is useful when creating a Master Document / Sub Documents that require consistent user-defined styles across multiple templates (including such things as numbering formats).

Document Options

Display the Document Options dialog which enables you to set the filter and order the elements.

Page Layout

Specify the page layout, before selecting the Print option. You can specify the margins (left, right, top and bottom) in inches.

Printer Setup

Invoke a printer-specific dialog for the default printer (the default printer selection is made from the Windows Control panel). You select the parameters from a set of printer-specific options. These options include page size, page orientation, resolution and fonts.

Print [Ctrl]+[P]

Print the contents of the current file. The editor displays a dialog where you can select the scope of the printing. You can also choose to print only a selected part of the file.

To print a block of text, highlight the required text before invoking the Print function. This command prints a highlighted:

  • Line block
  • Character block

The Print function prints on a default printer selected from the Windows Control panel. You can alter the printer setup or page layout prior to invoking the Print function.

Print Preview

Preview the document before printing. The editor displays up to two pages at a time. You can scroll to a different page using [Page Up], [Page Down] or the scroll bar.

By default the preview rectangle is sized to fit the current window. However, you can use the zoom option to enlarge or shrink the preview rectangle as required.

Click on the Edit button or the File | Print Preview menu option again to return to editing mode.


Close the Template Editor. The editor prompts you to save any unsaved information.