Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Code Generation Toolbar

The Code Generation toolbar can import, generate, synchronize and open source code.   Convenient menus are provided to set the default language and default database type for each Project.

Access:     View | Toolbars | Code Generation

Use to:

  • Set the default language
  • Set the default database type
  • Import Classes and Interfaces from source files
  • Generate code for a single selected Class
  • Batch generate code for one or more selected Classes
  • Synchronize selected Classes with source code
  • View code in default editor






See also

Set Default Language

Set the language for all newly created elements



Set Default Database Type

Set the database type for all newly created database elements




Choose files to import for reverse engineering source code into the current diagram.

Use the drop-down menu to override the project's default language for a particular import.




Generate Source Code

Generate Source code for the currently selected element



Batch Generate Source Code

Generate Source code for multiple selected elements

Shift + F11


Synchronize Element with Source Code

Synchronize selected element with its associated source code



Open Source Code

Open the source code of the selected Class in the default external editor for that language

Source code must have been generated, and the selected element must be a Class


The Source Code Viewer


  • You can move this toolbar to any dockable position and it retains that position in subsequent sessions
  • You can hide or show the toolbar by clicking on the View | Toolbars | Code Generation menu option