Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Default Tools Toolbar

The Default Tools toolbar provides instant access to the most commonly used tools in Enterprise Architect including saving, printing and technology selection.

Access:   View | Toolbars | Default Tools

Use To:

  • Create new projects and open existing projects
  • Save changes to the current diagram
  • Edit, cut, copy and paste diagram objects
  • Print preview, configure print settings and print the current diagram
  • Open the Package Browser
  • Define, manage and run Model Searches
  • Select the working Technology for toolbox and element creation
  • Access Enterprise Architect Help







See also

New Project

Create a new Enterprise Architect project (as EAP file)

Ctrl + N

New Enterprise Architect Project

Open Project

Open an existing project

Ctrl + O

Open a project

Save Diagram

Save the current diagram

Ctrl + S



Cut selected element(s) from diagram and copy to Enterprise Architect clipboard

Ctrl + X



Copy selected element(s) from diagram to Enterprise Architect clipboard

Ctrl + Space

( Ctrl + C )



Paste from Enterprise Architect clipboard as reference on current diagram

Shift + Insert

( Ctrl + V )



Undo last action

Ctrl + Z

Undo last action


Redo last undone action

Ctrl + Y

Redo last action

Print Preview

Display the current diagram as it will appear when printed



Page Setup

Configure print settings for the current diagram




Print the current diagram

Ctrl + P


Package Browser

Displays current package as a list of editable elements


Package Browser

Open Model Search

Model Search window - define, manage and run model searches

Ctrl + Alt + A

Use model search

Technology List

Sets the active technology for the Toolbox and the diagram space bar context element menu


Manage MDG Technologies

Help Contents

Access the Enterprise Architect Help


Help Menu


  • The Cut and Copy buttons are only enabled when an item is selected on the current diagram
  • You can move this toolbar to any dockable position and it retains that position in subsequent sessions
  • You can hide or show the toolbar by clicking on the View | Toolbars | Default Tools menu option