Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Workspace Layouts

The Workspace Layouts toolbar provides tools for quickly switching between pre-defined workspace layouts.  It also provides tools for laying out your workspace then saving the resulting layout.  The Workspace Layouts toolbar can be docked to any main window edge or floated freely in a convenient location for quick access.

Access:     View | Toolbars | Workspace Layouts

Use to:

  • Save the current workspace layout
  • Manage workspace layouts
  • Apply a selected workspace layout
  • Switch to Views, such as Element List, Model Search and Relationship Matrix
  • Activate or select main windows, such as Project Browser, Team Review, Element Properties and Execution Analyzer
  • Toggle visibility of toolbars






See also

Save As

Save the current workspace layout to file



Manage Layouts

Opens the Workspace Layouts dialog



Select Layout

Select and apply a saved workspace layout




From a drop-down menu, choose one of several views to display

  • Element list
  • Model Search
  • Relationship Matrix
  • Auditing
  • Web Browser




Choose from a drop-down menu, one of many main windows to display or select.  Windows include;

  • Project Browser
  • Team Review
  • Element Properties
  • Execution Analyzer




Toggle visibility of toolbars




Hide all docked windows and view the current view in full screen




  • You can move this toolbar to any dockable position and it retains that position in subsequent sessions
  • You can hide or show the toolbar by clicking on the View | Toolbars | Workspace Layouts menu option