Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


Access:     Tools | Options > General

Use to:

  • Set general options




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Set the default author when new elements are created and modifications made


Clipboard Format

Set the graphic format in which to save image to the clipboard; Metafile has the best detail


Double-click on Browser

Configure the Project Browser behavior

Set Default (Project Browser) behavior

Use Jet 4.0 - requires restart

Set JET 4.0 as the database engine; this ensures compatibility with .EAP files that are in turn compatible with versions of MS Access later than Access 97, and that support unicode character sets

If your project is not in a Jet 4.0 database, you should also download a copy of the Jet 4.0 EABase Model from the Sparx Systems website, and do an EAP to EAP transfer of your model  into the Jet 4.0 file

Perform a Project Data Transfer

Download link:

Sparx Systems website

Use extended � and � characters

Apply the guillemet characters to stereotypes

For some double byte character sets, it is best to select this checkbox.


Allow custom RTF tags in reports

Enable you to use customized rich text format code in report templates when generating reports with the Legacy RTF Report Generator

From release 7.0 of Enterprise Architect, with the Notes formatting facility, this option is not really necessary

Legacy RTF Report generator

Notes toolbar

Project Directory

Specify the default location of Enterprise Architect projects


File Directory

Specify the default location for file


Web Home

Specify the default home page to open when you click on the Home button in the internal web browser



The Web Browser


Web Search

Specify the default web page to open when clicking on the Web Search button in the internal web browser

Web Mail

Specify the email server address (http://xxxxx/exchange/) for accessing email through the web browser within Enterprise Architect

Confirm Deletes

Use or bypass the Confirm Delete dialog; only clear this checkbox if you are an experienced user


Allow Free Sorting

Enable you to re-order elements within a package regardless of element type, in the Project Browser


Show Stereotypes

Show element and feature stereotypes in the Project Browser


Always open maximized

Ensure that Enterprise Architect always starts up in a maximized window


Hide Properties Info Section

Hide or show the properties information status bar on the Properties window


Docked Windows Tabs on Bottom (requires restart)

Display the docked window tabs at the bottom of the window (default)

Clear the checkbox to show the tabs at the top of the windows


Main Diagram Tabs at Bottom (requires restart)

Display the diagram tabs at the bottom of the main view (default)

Clear the checkbox to show the tabs at the top of the main view


File Loading Strategy

Select the Enterprise Architect model loading behavior for .EAP files; choose either:

  • Load on Demand (Lazy Load)
  • Preload Entire Model

Load on Demand does not load the full project view when the model is loaded; instead, only the parts that are necessary to display the visible portion of the tree are loaded

This means that a model loads faster and users can begin work sooner, but at the expense of later small delays as Enterprise Architect loads specific portions of the model

For server connections, the Load on Demand option is set when the connection is created