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Set Group Permissions

Once you have set up some user groups, you can assign access permissions to each group to define what update functions in the system the group members have access to.

Access     Project | Security | Manage Groups

Assign access permissions to a security group



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Select the user group from the Groups list, so that the name displays in the Group Name field.




Click on the Set Group Permissions button.

The Group Permissions dialog displays, listing all available access permissions.


List of Available Permissions


Scroll through the list and select the checkbox against any access permissions you want to assign to the members of this group. You can also:

Click on the Select All button, then deselect the checkbox against any access permissions you do not want to assign to the members of this group or
Click on the Deselect All button to clear all selected permissions, then select the checkbox against any you want to keep selected




Click on the OK button to assign the permissions.

All of the users assigned to this group share in this set of permissions.




Click on the Close button.




You must have Security - Manage Users permission to assign permissions to user groups; the initial Admin administrator and Administrators group automatically have this permission
You can transport the group permissions between models as Reference Data, using the Project | Model Import/Export | Export Reference Data and Import Reference Data options

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