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Assign User To Groups

Once you have created your user IDs and the security groups for assigning sets of access permissions to users, you can assign each user ID to the security group or groups that define the access permissions needed by that user. A user can belong to more than one security group and also have individual access permissions, appropriate to the work that they perform.

Access     Project | Security | Manage Users

Assign a user to user groups



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On the Security Users dialog, select the user ID in the Users list so that the details display in the User Details panel.

Click on the Group Membership button. The User Groups dialog displays, listing the security groups that exist in the project.




Select the checkbox against each security group that this user belongs to. If you select a group by accident, deselect the checkbox against it.




Click on the OK button to assign the user to the selected groups.




On the Security Users dialog either select another user to assign to security groups, or click on the Close button.




To assign users to groups, you must have Security - Manage Users permission;the initial Admin administrator and Administrators group automatically have this permission

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