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Scale Image to Page Size

When you print a diagram, the default setting is to scale the image to fit the size of the printer paper you have defined in the page set-up. The image is not scaled up to fill the page, but it is scaled down if it exceeds the current page boundary. The image retains its current proportions; that is, it is scaled down equally in the X and Y dimensions. For a large diagram, this can mean that the components of the diagram are small and hard to read.

Alternatively, you can print a multi-page image; that is:

·allow the diagram image to print on as many printer pages as it naturally occupies, (no scaling), or
·scale the diagram image to exactly fit a specified number of pages

In all three cases you also define the paper size and orientation.

Access     <diagram> | right-click | Properties > Diagram: Advanced

Turn off or customize image scaling options



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Select from the following options as required:

·None: select to print on as many pages as the diagram image covers
·Scale to 1 page: select to scale the diagram image to fit on the currently selected page
·Custom: select to specify the width and height of the diagram images in terms of the number of pages in height and width; specify the number of pages for each dimension
·Page Setup: click to select the page size and alignment






Set Up Diagram Page


·Before printing, make sure you have selected the required page layout using the Page Setup button

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