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Model Driven Generation (MDG) Technologies

MDG Technologies allow users to extend Enterprise Architect's modeling capabilities to specific domains and notations. MDG Technologies seamlessly plug into Enterprise Architect to provide additional toolboxes, UML profiles, patterns, templates and other modeling resources.

Free MDG Technology downloads for Enterprise Architect:

MDG Technology file for CORBA allows the user to generate CORBA IDL stubs from existing Enterprise Architect class diagram elements. MDG Technology for CORBA adds support for IDL to Enterprise Architect.
(requires Enterprise Architect 4.5 or later)
MDG Technology for Enterprise Java Beans allows the user to model EJB entities and EJB sessions, complete with UML profiles for modeling EJB, EJB patterns and Code Management.
(requires Enterprise Architect 4.1 or later)
ICONIX Agile Developer - Design-Driven Testing (DDT) streamlines the ICONIX modeling process, providing:
  • Convenient modeling of robustness diagrams
  • Automatic generation of sequence diagram structures from robustness diagrams
  • Transformation of robustness control elements to test diagrams
  • Transformation of sequence diagram elements to test diagrams
  • Transformation of requirement diagrams to test diagrams
  • Transformation between test cases and test classes. (JUnit & NUnit)
  • Built-in model validation rules for ICONIX robustness diagrams
(requires Enterprise Architect 7.5 or later)
Symbian C++
MDG Technology for Symbian C++ provides round-trip code engineering and UML modeling support for Symbian C++ language extensions. More Information.
(requires Enterprise Architect 7.1 or later)
MDG Technology for Testing helps users to rapidly model a wide range of testing procedures including component testing, SUT, Test Cases and more.
(requires Enterprise Architect 4.1 or later)

Instructions for loading an MDG Technology

EXE file:

  1. Download and run the .exe file to install the MDG technology.
  2. Open Enterprise Architect.
  3. Select from the Main Menu Add-Ins | XYZ Technology | Load.

Note: If you do not see the Add-Ins menu in your Main Menu, you may need to reset the menu. The reset button is located in the menu: Tools | Customize | Menu.

XML file:
Place the XML file in the MDGTechnologies subfolder of your Enterprise Architect installation folder (for example: C:\Program Files\Sparx Systems\EA\MDGTechnologies) and restart Enterprise Architect. For more information on deploying MDG Technology files, refer to the Extending UML section in the Enterprise Architect User Guide.

Built-in MDG Technologies:

Most of the MDG Technologies provided by Sparx Systems are built into Enterprise Architect directly. Depending on your edition of Enterprise Architect, some or all of the following MDG Technologies will be available:

MDG Technologies sold by Sparx Systems:

The following MDG Technologies are available as separately sold add-ins for Enterprise Architect. Some of these are also provided with the suite-based editions of Enterprise Architect (Business & Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions):

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