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Recent Features


This page lists the features of Pro Cloud Server v5.1, for the following builds:


The main features of Pro Cloud Server 5.1 are shown on the official release page.


For information relating to the history of other versions, select a version below.



Pro Cloud Server v5.1 (Build 128)
26th of September 2023
  • Cloud Server
    • Corrected WebEA and OSLC to deny access to Active Directory users who are not in any linked AD groups (when 'Automatically create or add Windows or OpenID users' option is set)
    • Restart of PCS service is no longer required after updating SSO settings in EA (ie Windows Authentication or OpenID settings). Modified settings can take up to 3 minutes to take effect
    • FLS - Improve efficiency of AD group lookup performance
    • Responses for WebConfig now handle reserved HTML characters being entered in the Worker database user and password fields
    • Improved stability with more comprehensive error detection
    • More consistent error handling
  • SBPI
    • Jama - Corrections to Enterprise Architect properties updates from Jama software (Pull Operation)
    • Improve support for custom fields 'push' to external provider
  • OSLC
    • For WebEA users, Improve support for 'Restrict access to Windows or OpenID users only'
    • For WebEA users, Discussion History will now include Elements that do not have any value in its Author property
    • For WebEA users, Tagged values on stereotyped Elements will now be grouped as specified in the MDG Technology
  • Worker
    • Included build 1628
  • WebEA
    • WebEA now supports model names/aliases which contain spaces
    • Matrix view can now load profile names which contain spaces
    • WebEA now returns the correct OpenID redirect URL when using a Proxy or Load Balancer
    • Corrected 'Deprecated: Return type of HTMLPurifier' errors which could prevent the main view from loading
    • Corrected issue with DMN expressions which have an increased row height
    • Corrected "Undefined variable $sJSFunct" error which could appear when loading an empty diagram
  • Cloud Configuration Client
    • Help button on SBPI Provider screen now loads the correct online user guide page
Pro Cloud Server v5.1 (Build 126)
14th of June 2023
  • Cloud Server
    • Native Oracle connection optimized to improve performance for small queries including CLOB fields
    • Added support for viewing users who have logged-in via OSLC in PCS Configuration Client dialog
    • Updating a Package in Reusable Asset Registry will now succeed over a Native Connection
    • Custom Integration - allow custom OAuth settings
    • FLS: Fix issues with offline licence keys (requires EA version 16.1 build 1626 or later)
    • FLS: Improvements to FLS key expiry
  • SBPI
    • Jama - Custom Item Types are now fetched from Jama to EA
    • Jama - Added Support for Proxy and bypass
    • Jama - Added item type name with item type code in Type mapping
    • Jama - Improved the Bulk Synchronization for all the linked Items inside Enterprise Architect
  • OSLC
    • Improved logging of OpenID failures
    • Improved logging during /oslc/am/login/ call
    • Updating Connector using /oslc/am/pu/resourcelink/ call will now succeed over a Native Connection
    • For WebEA users, clicking an Invocation Action on a diagram will now navigate to the target diagram
    • For WebEA users, the Posted Date of discussions will now be returned when the repository is a SQLite database
    • For WebEA users, Model Roots and Diagrams will now no longer return information about connectors
  • Worker
    • Included build 1626
  • WebEA
    • WebEA now allows the loading of tagged value types with less than 5 characters
  • Cloud Configuration Client
    • Added support for viewing users who have logged-in via OSLC in Extended Server Properties screen
  • Web Config
    • Added support for viewing users who have logged-in via OSLC to Server Settings page
Pro Cloud Server v5.1 (Build 125)
2nd of March 2023
  • Cloud Server
    • Added 'OSLC Session Time Out' setting, to configure the maximum time of inactivity after which an OSLC user will be logged out
    • Improve handling of duplicate SQL column names
    • FLS: Support other Active Directory name formats for 'group'
  • Worker
    • Included build 1625
  • WebEA
    • Fixed issue which prevented OpenID error messages from being displayed
    • Fixed "headers already sent" error when loading object properties
  • Cloud Configuration Client
    • Added 'OSLC Session Time Out' setting to Extended Server Properties screen
  • Web Config
    • Added 'OSLC Session Time Out' setting to Server Settings page
Pro Cloud Server v5.1 (Build 123)
17th of January 2023
  • Cloud Server
    • Time Series Charts whose query contains the term '#Package#' will now be correctly generated
  • Integration Plugins - Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI)
    • Jazz - Credentials are now removed from the log files
    • Jira - Add extra fields to items (Item Key, Item ID, Item URL)
  • OSLC
    • Discussion text now correctly escapes all XML entities
    • Discussions now support 'Deferred' status
    • Improved logging when an SQL based error occurs
    • Calls to /completeresource/ and /pbstructure/ now include composite diagram on State elements
  • Worker
    • Included build 1623
  • WebEA
    • Added support for new discussion status "Deferred"
    • Fixed issue where sorting columns in the Search Results or Package List could impact other tables
Pro Cloud Server v5.1 (Build 121)
14th of November 2022
  • Cloud Server
    • Improved performance when connected to Pro Cloud Server models
    • Improved shutdown of service, including the logging
    • Improved handling of slow or unstable network connections
    • Improved handling of special characters in PCS connection strings
    • Improved connections from Enterprise Architect v15.2 or lower to native database models
    • PCS now supports the import of service settings file larger than 64K chars
    • Native Oracle connections optimized to reduce unique network calls to the database for CLOB fields
    • Now handles updates to Attribute Constraints in case sensitive repositories
    • Floating License Server: Improve Windows Authentication: support nested groups; support user and group belonging to different domains
    • Floating License Server: Auto Checkins are now allowed if the EA Client is part of the PCS Client Whitelist
    • Floating License Server: Ensure that floating license checkouts are persisted
  • OSLC
    • Updated Project Search call to support unicode characters in the search term
    • Thread ID will now be included when logging SQL
    • Corrected memory leak when making OSLC requests including diagram images
    • Corrected issue where URL encoded parameters in OSLC calls were sometimes not correctly decoded
    • 'Status' property will now be set when creating and updating Requirement elements
    • Enum type Tagged Value now handle comma separated values that include spaces
  • Cloud Configuration Client
    • Improved handling of special characters in PCS connection strings
  • Worker
    • Included build 1621
  • WebEA
    • WebEA's breadcrumb now supports object names that include HTML special characters
    • Added Support for requirements and constraints in the properties view
    • Added option to include diagram-only objects in the browser
    • Added support for the right click 'Open link in new tab' option in the favorites view
    • Improved WebEA behavior when the connected Pro Cloud Server service is stopped
    • Improved WebEA's login behavior with OpenID
    • Improved WebEA's behavior when accessing images from the image manager
    • Chat refresh no longer clears the chat input
    • Properties 'Instances' section now displays the object stereotype and event type
  • Web Config
    • Improved handling of admin passwords which contain special characters
    • Improved handling of special characters in PCS connection strings
    • Improved the generated PostgreSQL ODBC connection strings, particularly for Postgres v14 (and later)