Pro Cloud Server

Recent Features


This section lists the features of Pro Cloud Server v4.0, for the following builds:


The main features of Pro Cloud Server 4 are shown on the official release page.


For information relating to the history of other versions, select a version below.



Pro Cloud Server v4.0 (Build 34)
27th of August 2019
  • Cloud Server
    • NEW FEATURE: Added support for creating Resources/Resource Features in a Model that has 'Require User Lock to Edit' enabled
  • WebEA
    • NEW FEATURE: Element Properties now display 'Files' information
    • Improved the positioning of main view icon and hamburger menu
    • Improved the expanding of discussion replies using the expand/collapse icon
    • Improved Element hamburger menu for Internet Explorer
    • Selecting a list item in the Properties Main View (e.g. a Change) now scrolls the item's details into view
    • Added Copy to Clipboard buttons on the Object Link page
    • Improved WebEA's configuration page behavior in Chrome
Pro Cloud Server v4.0 (Build 33)
25th of July 2019

Finalized for official Release

Pro Cloud Server v4.0 (Build 32)     *** Release Candidate ***
18th of July 2019
  • Cloud Server
    • Improved log messages during the loading of License Certificates
  • WebEA
    • NEW FEATURE: Added support for 'Feature' maintenance item
    • NEW FEATURE: Added support for 'Document' maintenance item
    • User Interface Improvements
      • moved buttons to show/hide Browser and Properties to the status bar
      • moved refresh button to the left side of the Navbar
      • moved the Object Link button/option to the hamburger menu
      • added option to toggle displaying All or a Single property section in WebEA's Main View
    • New configuration option to hide the Path Menu
  • WebConfig
    • Added support for the creation of MySQL and Postgres ODBC based Database Managers
Pro Cloud Server v4.0 (Build 31)     *** Release Candidate ***
25th of June 2019
  • Cloud Server
    • Improved the PCS's ability to share the server.pem file with multiple threads during startup
    • Default installation path is now 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Pro Cloud Server\'
    • Configuration filename is now SSProCloud.config
    • Log filenames are now SSProCloudServer-X.log
  • WebEA
    • NEW FEATURE: Introduced the ability to configure a WebEA model to use favorites as home
    • Selecting a composite element which is on the target diagram will display the element's properties
Pro Cloud Server v4.0 (Build 30)     *** beta ***
27th of May 2019
  • Cloud Server
    • The 'Pro Cloud Server' replaces all other Sparx System cloud products, including the Cloud Service and Pro Cloud Server Express
    • The new Pro Cloud Server can be downloaded and installed free of charge, although some functionality will only be available with a valid license
    • The new Pro Cloud Server now uses an improved licensing procedure
    • The new licensing procedure is more modular and provides an easy transition to the Premium editions with the use of tokens
    • A change of License now immediately resets the PCS Service
    • Integrations can now be enabled by license tokens
    • The Pro Cloud Server now ensures database manager Aliases are unique, even during the update of settings
    • Floating License Server now treats the retired Business and Software Engineering licenses as Unified
    • Database manager connection strings are now returned to configuration clients with masked passwords
    • Introduced new function to exclusively obtain next audit counter
  • Integration Plugins - Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI)
    • General: 'Open in browser' option now observes the defined port
    • General: Integrations will no longer attempt to change the object type during a 'push' operation
    • General: Proxy enabled state now controls if proxy settings are used
    • Jazz - Hide error message for blank discussions
    • Jazz - Added support for CCM (Change and Configuration Management)
    • Jazz - Added support for DM (Design Management)
    • Jazz - Added support for QM (Quality Management)
    • Jira - Allow more than 50 items to be returned
    • Salesforce - Corrected the list of 'Cases' and 'Contracts'
    • Sharepoint - Add support for self-hosted Sharepoint servers
    • TFS - Add support for VSTS (Azure DevOps)
  • Cloud Configuration Client
    • Updated to include the ability to manage the new PCS licensing for the current instance without needing a restart
    • Integration tab on main screen now shows the enabled state of each defined Provider based on allocated tokens
    • A change of License now immediately resets the PCS Service
    • The main screen now displays the version of the connected PCS and displays a warning if there is a version mismatch
    • The list of defined database managers on the main screen now uses an icon to represent the enabled state
  • OSLC
    • Added support for retrieving, creating and deleting Discussions on Diagram
    • Updated Creation Factory to support creating Requirement elements from MDG Technologies that are imported into the Model
    • Added support for retrieving, creating, updating and deleting Document Maintenance Item
    • Updated /qc/ call to support the POST Verb
    • General security improvements to remove SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • WebEA
    • NEW FEATURE: Introduced a page for managing the WebEA configuration settings, http://address-to-your-webserver/login.php?config
    • NEW OPTION: Added model configuration option to change the Browser/Object List ordering
    • NEW OPTION: Added model configuration options to show/hide the Browser and Properties View by default
    • Browser and Object List order now match the order used in EA
    • Added support for Predefined Structured Tagged Value types
    • Added structured scenario User/System icons, and Alternate/Exception path entry point information
    • Improved Watchlist message when no criteria was found
    • Improved display of 'Invalid User Authentication Identifier' error which occurs after timeout
    • Properties sidebar now hides correctly at low resolutions after being collapsed/expanded
    • Added Icon/List/Notes options within the Package View
    • Removed browser, properties and package options from the hamburger menu
    • Corrected 'invalid arguments' error shown for the model root in package contents view
    • Manual model selection is no longer required when entering the Full URL to an object
    • WebEA now displays a warning message when first loaded if cookies are disabled
    • Notes editor now includes buttons to add/remove hyperlinks
    • Prevent unnecessary load of the Model Root during a refresh
    • Rich text fields updated to return hyperlinks in the correct format
    • Improved XSS vulnerabilities and sanitised dynamic html output
    • Error message now shown when selecting an element that has been deleted from a diagram
    • Now possible to save credentials in FireFox
    • Now handles the display of tagged values that contain html special characters
  • Web Config
    • Updated to include the ability to manage the new PCS licensing for the current instance without needing a restart