System Requirements


- Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2008. (32 bit and 64 bit operating systems supported *)
- 2GB of RAM
- 800MB of available hard-disk space
- 1280*720 or higher resolution display



- Linux Operating System (kernel 2.4 or later)
- Wine ** 1.8 (minimum), 1.9x or later (recommended) (Or an equivalent CrossOver version)
- Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8
- 2GB of RAM
- 800MB of available hard-disk space
- 1280*720 or higher resolution display


Mac OS X

- Mac OS 10.8 or later
- Wine 1.8 (minimum) (Or CrossOver Mac 15.0.1, or later)
- Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8
- Intel® based processor
- 2GB of RAM (128 MB or higher recommended)
- 800MB of available hard-disk space
- 1280*720 or higher resolution display



Supported database products (DBMS) for use as an Enterprise Architect model repository ***

- Firebird
- MariaDB
- MS SQL Server (including Express and Azure)
- MS Access
- Oracle
- PostgreSQL


Note for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users:
Under Windows Vista (with User Account Control turned on) an application starts with only Standard permissions, regardless of what level of authority the current user has. As a result, an installer run normally with an Admin account under Vista only has Standard privileges and either is not able to write to certain critical areas of the registry/file system, or redirects the write requests to a per-user virtualized registry/file system.

Sparx Systems recommends that if you are installing on Windows Vista, always run the Enterprise Architect installer with Administrator privileges (recommended whether you have UAC turned on or not). To grant the application Administrator privileges, right-click on the downloaded installer icon and select the Run as administrator menu option.

* Enterprise Architect is a 32 bit application, however it can be run on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems.

** Wine is continually updated. For the best experience, we recommend maintaining an updated version of either the Stable or Development version from winehq.org. The development version is frequently updated with fixes that will directly improve Enterprise Architect compatibility, but may experience small problems on occasion. In general, we believe that this branch offers the best experience with Enterprise Architect.

*** The file based databases, MS Jet and Firebird, can be used with any edition of Enterprise Architect. These repository files are named as *.eap and *.feap, respectively. Hosting a model in a server based DBMS repository, however, requires Corporate edition, or higher. For a list of supported DBMS versions see the Help topic Server Based Repositories, under the subheading DBMS Products you can use.