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Common Pre Purchase Questions

Common Post Purchase Questions

What is included when Enterprise Architect is purchased?

Well that depends on what is being purchased, a new license, a renewal or an upgrade.

New License

A new license entitles the purchaser to:

  • A license key that enables the correct functionality set for the purchased edition
  • A 12 month 'subscription' that entitles the user to:
    • priority email support and
    • access to the registered Enterprise Architect user section of the website, where new releases of are available for download
  • An Activation Key that activates any version of Enterprise Architect that is released during the 'subscription' period

see Is a License Perpetual or subscription based? for full details.


A renewal extends a registered user's 'subscription' for an addition 12 months, thereby providing access to priority email support and free updates.


An upgrade purchase provides the user with a new license key for a more feature rich edition of Enterprise Architect.
Note 1: the original license is no longer valid.
Note 2: an upgrade does not extend the registered user's subscription expiry date.

Is a License Perpetual or subscription based?

When you purchase Enterprise Architect you receive 12 months registered user email support and access to the registered section of our website, where you can obtain new versions and builds of Enterprise Architect.

After this period has expired, you have the option to renew your subscription by purchasing a subscription renewal. A subscription renewal extends your support for an additional year.

Your license key will not expire, only your subscription. If you choose not to renew, you can continue to use your current version of Enterprise Architect, you just won't be able to update it unless you renew. You will be emailed a renewal notice at the beginning of the month your subscription is due to expire. Your username and password will continue to work until the end of that month. Subscriptions that have lapsed for 2 or more years will not be eligible for subscription renewals and the user will need to purchase new licenses if they wish to use the latest version of Enterprise Architect.

Resources Available in the Registered Section

Once you have purchased Enterprise Architect, regardless of which edition, you will be given access to the registered users section of our website for 12 months. From here you can access the following resources:

  • Latest Enterprise Architect Installers (Registered and Lite)
  • Patch zip files for the latest Enterprise Architect Builds
  • User security key to enable security in the Corporate edition
  • SQL scripts and patches for SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle9i, PostgreSQL, MSDE and Adaptive Server Anywhere also available on the Trial version Corporate Resource page)
  • Enterprise Architect example projects
  • Priority support for registered users
  • Priority bug reporting for registered users
  • UML tutorials (in both HTML and PDF format)
  • UML white papers
  • Sample Enterprise Architect projects
  • Tips and techniques
  • Enterprise Architect help files in PDF, CHM and HTML format

Note that there are also various resources available from Resources Page.

Am I entitled to Software Updates?

Software Updates are free for users with current subscriptions and can be downloaded from the Registered User Downloads section.

Please note, you will need a current subscription to access the above link. If you cannot find your login details or are denied access when trying to log in, please send your license key or order number to the Sparx Systems Sales Team.

If your subscription has expired, you will just need to renew your subscription for a further 12 months. This will give you access to all free software updates released in that time and all previous versions of Enterprise Architect.

What is the difference between Fixed and Floating keys?

Fixed (standard) license keys are registered directly to a user's computer and are not removed again until the user needs to change computers. 1 license can be registered to both a work and laptop machine if both machines are solely used by the same user.

Floating licenses are managed using a Keystore Server. The keys are entered into the server, which users then connect to and lease out license keys as needed. Once the user disconnects (shuts down Enterprise Architect), the key is automatically returned to the keystore ready for the next user. Floating licenses can be used offsite if you manually set the key to stay on a computer for a set amount of time.

More information on Floating Keys (including the Keystore User Guide) and License Management can be found at the following links:

What are Enterprise Architect's Software Requirements?

Enterprise Architect's requirements can be found System Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: All Enterprise Architect versions older than version 12 will not work with Windows 10 due to a compatibility issue in Windows. If you are updating to Windows 10, you will need to also update to Enterprise Architect version 12 or higher. Please email your license key or order number to Sparx Systems Sales Team if you do not have your login details for access to the registered user's section and software updates or your subscription has expired.

Is there a iOS/Mac or Linux version?

Unfortunately no there is no native iOS/Mac or Linux version of Enterprise Architect available, however you can install Enterprise Architect inside Wine or CrossOver as detailed in Installing on Wine or CrossOver guide.

What is the End User License Agreement?

Our End User License Agreement can be found here:

End User License Agreement

Can our legal department make some changes to your End User Agreement?

Unfortunately no, the current pricing structure of Enterprise Architect cannot cover the cost of creating and managing individual agreements with our customers.
Keeping a standard End User Agreement with all of our customers allows us to focus our resources on meeting our obligations under these agreements. We authored our End User Agreement after careful analysis to be fair with the all the parties.

What Purchase Methods are available?

You can purchase through our e-commerce providers - ShareIT. Purchase links are on our Pricing Page.

Alternatively, you can order by Purchase Order directly through Sparx Systems. If you are purchasing from a European country where VAT applies, we will require your VAT number to be able to process your order however VAT will not be charged.

Our terms are 30 days net.

Payment options for direct purchases are via bank transfer only, credit card payments for direct purchases are not available.

On receipt of a signed Purchase Order, we will provide you with an invoice. Purchase Orders can be sent to us either by email or fax - our fax number is +61 3 5345 1104.

All orders placed directly through us are subject to our terms and conditions, we cannot accept any changes. Purchase orders with other terms and conditions listed will not be processed. The terms and conditions can be found here:

End User License Agreement

Whichever purchase method you choose, when the transaction is finalized, you will receive your registration keys, username, password and installation instructions via email.

Renewal Links / Early Subscription Renewals / Multiple Year Renewals

At the start of the month that your subscription is set to expire you will receive a renewal notification email including renewal purchase links. This email will be sent to the email address we have on record, by default this is the email address that was used to place the order. Please contact the Sparx Systems Sales Team if you would like to update your email address.

If you would like to renew earlier than the expiration month, you will need to purchase directly through us as online renewals automatically begin from the date of purchase and you may lose subscription time. Please contact the Sparx Systems Sales Team if you would like to renew early (your new subscription will extend your existing subscription) or renew for more than 1 year (up to 5 years). Please note, orders placed through us can only be paid for by bank transfer.

Can I upgrade to a more feature rich edition?

Yes you can upgrade your edition of Enterprise Architect to a more feature rich edition. See the Upgrade Information page for details.

Please note, you will need a current subscription to access the above link. If you cannot find your login details or are denied access when trying to log in, please send your license key or order number to the Sparx Systems Sales Team.

Can I use a single key on multiple machines?

If you have a fixed (standard, non-floating) license key, you can register your license key on two machines (work/ laptop/ home etc) at the same time as long as you are the only user of all machines and you do not run more than one machine at a time. If any of the machines are being shared by another user that will also need to use Enterprise Architect, you will need to purchase 2 license keys, one for the shared machine and another for the non-shared machines.

How do I update my email address on file?

We only need 1 email address per transaction in our records, we do not need an email address for each individual license. We only need the email address of the person who is to receive the renewal notification email each year, usually the person in charge of ordering and purchasing or license management. If you would like to update your email address, please visit the Update email address page.

Can I transfer Licenses to Another Organization?

We are happy to transfer your current Enterprise Architect license(s) to another company. To facilitate the transfer, we require some company details. Please fill in the attached document and have it signed by an authorized member of your company (the original license holder) and an authorized member of the company to which you will transfer the license(s). Please return the completed form to us by fax or email. Please note: The Transfer Request must be printed on your company letterhead to be deemed valid.

Registration key problems

Entering a floating key

Floating Keys cannot be entered directly into the installation of Enterprise Architect, they will need to be entered in to a KeyStore server. Please refer to your registration text or the below PDF for instructions on how to install the KeyStore.

Trying to register trial version

The trial version cannot be registered, you will need to download the full installation of Enterprise Architect. The full version will install over the top of your trial version, so you won't lose any work you may have already done. You will need to purchase a license key to use the full version of Enterprise Architect. If you have already purchased a license key, the full version can be downloaded from the Registered User Downloads page.

Please note, you will need a current subscription to access the above link. If you cannot find your login details or are denied access when trying to log in, please send your license key or order number to the Sparx Systems Sales Team.

Key not recognised or is invalid

You will need to enter the key exactly as shown in your registration text, for users with the Professional and Corporate fixed license editions you will need to include the { and } at either end of the key. Please make sure to not include any blank spaces if you are are copying and pasting.

Lost or not working login details

If you cannot find your login details or are denied access when trying to log in, please send your license key or order number to the Sparx Systems Sales Team.

Is there a Read Only Version of Enterprise Architect?

Yes. There is a completely free version of Enterprise Architect that provides the user read-only access to any Enterprise Architect repository, we call this product EA Lite, and it can be downloaded here: ealite_x86.msi

What is the Activation Key?

From version 14 and onwards, Enterprise Architect requires that you 'activate' the Software Version you have installed by entering a simple four-letter code confirming your right to run a specific version of Enterprise Architect. When you first run Enterprise Architect, a Version Activation window will automatically display, prompting you to activate the software version you have installed. You can find your version activation key by logging into the Registered Users section of the web site. For more information see the help.

Where can I find the Previous Versions?

Previous versions of Enterprise Architect are available for download from the Previous Versions of Enterprise Architect section of the registered user's page.

Please note, you will need a current subscription to access the above link. If you cannot find your login details or are denied access when trying to log in, please send your license key or order number to the Sparx Systems Sales Team.

If some users on your team are using the current version and others are using older versions, there should be no compatibility issues when viewing shared models etc except if the newer version has a feature that was not available in the older version.

What is the Keystore Server Installation Password?

The Keystore Server installation is password protected, you can find the password in your registration text. If you have lost your registration text, please contact the Sparx Systems Sales Team for the password.