Pricing and Purchasing

This page allows you to easily purchase both Prolaborate and the Pro Cloud Server in one transaction, simply choose the number of Prolaborate users that suits your environment on the left and the edition of the Pro Cloud Server on the right.

If you already have the Pro Cloud Server and require only Prolaborate user licenses they can be purchased in 'packs', the more licenses you require the cheaper per license they become, however make sure to select 'Already Owned' for the 'PCS Edition', so a PCS license isn't added to the shopping cart.

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Additional Users

Prices represent the monthly cost per user
Individual Users
 User(s) US $11.00 *

User Packs
50 Users US $6.67 *
100 Users US $4.33 *
250 Users US $2.63 *
500 Users US $1.77 *
1000 Users US $1.06 *
1500 Users US $0.79 *
Unlimited US $0.15 *

Pro Cloud Server


PCS edition

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(*) License fees are paid annually


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When you have paid the registration fee, you will be sent an email containing registration key details and download link.

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