Pro Cloud Server

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The following matrix displays the features for the various Pro Cloud Server editions.

Please note: with the release of version 4.0 of the Pro Cloud Server the number of available editions has been reduced to better match what users desire.

In an effort to provide users with a Pro Cloud Server product that allows a smaller initial investment but at the same time provides a flexible solution as your business grows, the Express edition has been replaced by the Token edition.

      Premium Editions
 Feature Unlicensed Token Team
Number of EA Users
This number represents how many Enterprise Architect users can connect to Cloud based repositories.
Number of Repositories
This number represents the number of Repositories/Models that can be defined within the Pro Cloud Server.
Number of Pro Repositories
This number represents the number of Repositories/Models that can be enabled with 'Pro Features'. A repository enabled for 'Pro Features' allow web based users (WebEA, Prolaborate and OSLC) and Integrations to interact with it.
7 7
Supported DBMS for Repositories
The Pro Cloud Server supports the following DBMSs: Firebird, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle.
All All All All
Supported DBMS for Pro Repositories
All editions of the Pro Cloud Server allow all supported DBMS respositories to be enabled for 'Pro Features'.
All All All
Number of WebEA Users
In the token edition, an individual token is consumed by each WebEA user at logon time, while the other editions support an unlimited number of WebEA users.
1 token
per user
Number of Prolaborate Users
Prolaborate communicates with repositories via the Pro Cloud Server's OSLC interface. The Pro Cloud Server Premium editions support unlimited Prolaborate users (restricted based on the Prolaborate license), while the Token edition requires one Token per Prolaborate user.
1 token
per user
Included Prolaborate Users
The Pro Cloud Server premium editions include 10 Prolaborate users, while the Token edition includes a 3 month Prolaborate Trial. A Prolaborate license for additional users can be purchased separately.
3 month trial 10 10
Supports updates within WebEA
All editions of Pro Cloud Server allow WebEA users to update Enterprise Architect repository/model data
Includes OSLC Requirements Management
The OSLC Requirement Management component provides an interface for external applications to retrieve Requirement Management information from Enterprise Architect repositories.
Number of OSLC Architecture Management v2.0 Users
The OSLC Architect Management component provides an interface for external applications to login as a model user to retrieve and update repository information.
1 token
per user
Supports Integration Plugins
Integration Plugins are a set of extensions that enable data from external providers to be displayed within Enterprise Architect.
1 token
per integration
Includes Floating License Server
The Floating License Server provides a mechanism for Sparx Systems products to utilize floating licenses
Secure connections can authenticate via SSO
When a repository is configured to support either OpenID or Windows Single Sign-on, connections via secure (HTTPS) ports will use SSO authentication.
Supports Visibility Levels
Visibility Levels leverages the in-built Row-Level-Security functionality of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle to allow areas within a model to be hidden to certain users
Web based Configuration Client
In addition to the standard Configuration Client all editions also include a web based application to safely configure all components of your Pro Cloud Server from anywhere in the world through one interface.