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Enterprise Architect

Professional Edition

Entry level Business & Software Modeling

Single User & Workgroup

Be up and running in 5 minutes. Highly scalable single file based model repository with support for many popular modeling languages and constructs. For the consultant, analyst, software engineer, business process analyst, UI specialist or requirements engineer working alone or in a small workgroup.

Rich UML Based Modeling & Design

Take advantage of a huge range of modeling languages and pre- built, informative patterns and model structures designed to make you productive from the moment you start.

Business and Software Engineering

Ideally suited to the business analyst, requirements engineer, software professional needing to build processes, define requirements, model classes, activities, UI components, action flows and other common modeling views.

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Enterprise Architect Professional Edition: Business Modeling Enterprise Architect Professional Edition: UML Modeling Enterprise Architect Professional Edition: Quick Start file based repository Enterprise Architect Professional Edition: XMI Export Enterprise Architect Professional Edition: Configure Visual Styles

Works with Pro Cloud Server Pro Cloud Server Logo

From version 14 on, Enterprise Architect supports using the Professional version with the Pro Cloud Server and Firebird based model repositories. A quick way to take your single file based model to the next level.

Tools for the Business modeler

A rich suite of business facing tools and languages - including BPMN, UML, Use Cases, Requirements, activity graphs, sequence diagrams, domain models and more.

Software Design & Visualization

Comprehensive support for modeling, reverse engineering, profiling, debugging, exploring, recording and visualizing code in many popular software languages. The ultimate software engineers visualization tool set.

Quick start file based repository

No hassle, immediate startup using a high performance single file based repository. Multiple options to scale up once more players get involved and its time to take your model to the next level.

XML / XMI / XSL support

The Professional version supports model interchange through XMI import and export. In addition it supports the modeling of XSD schema, XSLT definition and debugging and other XML based constructs.

Rich set of UI Features

Maximize your experience with UI workspaces, working sets, perspectives, tool configuration, visual themes and many other UI features.

Effective Visual Tools
Open Standards Based Modeling & Design

Analysis Tools

Huge range of tools for the analyst. Includes Mind Maps. Requirements view, Hand Drawn mode for diagrams, Heat Maps, Charts, Roadmap diagrams, all UML diagrams, all BPMN diagrams.

Scheduling Tools

Use the Gantt view and Kanban diagrams to stay on top of your personal schedule. Task allocation, personal and project tasks, manage your model and work commitments.


Various tools to visualize and explore relationships in your model. Traceability hierarchy view, Relationship matrix view, Relationships window, Metamodel based diagram filtering and other tools make impact analysis and traceability a breeze.

Documentation and Publishing

Leverage an incredibly rich and powerful document generation system to turn your models into hard copy for management and archival purposes. Share in PDF, DOCX, RTF or Web format. Template driven engine with many options to create highly personalized reports.

Effective and Modern UI

A rich and stunning Ribbon based user interface with support for user configurable workspaces, visual themes and styles. View multiple diagrams concurrently. Edit source code or rich text documents. Check relationship matrices. Use the Specification Manager for a document like view of model Requirements. Limitless possibilities.

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