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Argentina Argentina

Epidata Consulting

Epidata Consulting was the first Latin American company specializing in software architecture and is now a market leader in Argentina. Epidata Consulting has more than 6 years of experience working with Sparx Systems, which has allowed them to provide integral solutions related to Enterprise Architect and acquire experience in training services and consulting on Enterprise Architect.

Valuable solutions related to the use and implementation of Enterprise Architect
Epidata Consulting offers consulting services related to the use of Enterprise Architect in adopting new processes and methodologies. The services are carried out by specialized professionals, with proven experience in Enterprise Architect.


  • Consulting services, mentoring and training in Software Engineering
  • Creation and validation of architectures
  • SOA Assessment
  • Custom-made development solutions
  • Performance and profiling service for applications
  • Fire Fighting in productive applications

All solutions are centered on the needs of each particular customer, following quality standard guidelines and focusing on continuous improvement to guarantee success in every project. Some customers who trusted Epidata Consulting are: HSBC, VISA, Cencosud, Nextel, T-Systems, Galeno, Tenaris, Banelco, Claro (CTI), among others.

For further information please contact us:
E- mail: [email protected]
Phone: (+5411) 5031-0060
Business Address: Maipú 521 1°A
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
Fax: (+5411) 5031-0061

Liveware Ingeniería de Software S.A.

Liveware I.S. is a digital solutions engineering company with over 35 years of experience delivering high value consultancy services with technology. A pioneer of quality management and software process improvement.

We have been coaching and mentoring a wide range of clients in Enterprise Architect best practices, for over the last 15 years. We become a strategic Partner to help organizations grow and innovate their business focusing on continuous improvement to guarantee success in every project. Some customers who trusted: Correo Argentino, Edenor, Farmacity, Nación Servicios, National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE), eSIDIF, among others.

Coaching Services/Courses

  • Data Modeling with Enterprise Architect 
  • Architecture Modeling in SOAML with Enterprise Architect 
  • Architecture Modeling in Archimate with Enterprise Architect 
  • UML: How to use UML in an agile way?
  • Business modeling with Enterprise Architect 
  • Requirement engineering with Enterprise Architect 
  • Analysis and design with Enterprise Architect
  • Development team management with Enterprise Architect
  • ... and a lot more tailored to your needs.

Our Business Units

Architecture Solutions: Enterprise Architecture Assessment AS-IS and TO-BE, TO-BE Architecture Design including: Technical Architecture of Applications Integration and Deployment, Business Architecture, Data Architecture (Big Data & Analytics), Roadmap towards the New Architecture, Tools & Technologies, Coaching & Mentoring, Organizational Change Management. 

Data Solutions: Information Architectures, DATA Tools &Technologies, BI + ANALYTICS, BIG DATA Labs & Experiences, DG&DM Assessment, DATA Governance and Compliance, DATA OFFICE as a Service, Master Data Management, Content and Knowledge Management, Data Culture Program, Coaching, Mentoring & HR Development, On-Demand Consulting.

Software Solutions: Development Assessment DevOps-Oriented, DevOps Pipelines Design and Implementation, DevOps Adoption Roadmaps, Custom software development with DevOps, Software Quality and Testing with RPA, Tools & Technologies, Coaching & Mentoring, Organizational Change Management. 

Certified under ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI level 3 standards. We are based in Argentina but do business on a global scale.

Contact details
E- mail: [email protected]
Phone: +54 9 11 3366-3617 (Available phone line during pandemic times)
Business Address: Av. Pueyrredón 2446 Piso 3 - Recoleta, C.A.B.A Argentina.


proagile® S.A. is an IT service company that provides solutions to a great range of industries in more than 10 Lantin American countries. Our business units are:

  • mentoring & coaching, on the best Software engineering practices, projects, quality and processes.
  • services & consulting, through professionals specialized on Software engineering, with experience on formal and agile methodologies.
  • project & development: IT project management and software development on the last technologies.
  • tools & products: Own products and third party tools.

Training Services/Courses

Our intensive and gradual training program will allow you to be an expert in Enterprise Architect. You will be able to train yourself according to the role you have in the life cycle:

  • UML: How to use UML in an agile way?
  • Business modeling with Enterprise Architect
  • Requirement engineering with Enterprise Architect
  • Analysis and design with Enterprise Architect
  • Development team management with Enterprise Architect
  • Project management with Enterprise Architect
  • Work method supported in Enterprise Architect
  • ... and a lot more ...

Additional Services/Information

proagile® participates in the Enterprise Architect translation into Spanish. Besides, it develops customized add-ins to its clients, assuring to complement and strengthen Enterprise Architect usefulness and its connectivity to the Legacy systems.

proagile® provides Spanish support to the Hispanic speaking market.

Contact details

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +54 (261) 4235178 - 4649800 - 4649801
Business Address: Av. Mitre 617 Piso 5, Mendoza, Argentina.
Fax: +54 (261) 4235178

Country(s) of Operation: Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, República Dominicana, Paraguay, Bolivia, México, Panamá, Perú, Uruguay.


Solus is a company consolidated as an Information Technology and Communication services provider for both Software Development teams and clients in general, with high specialization in mentoring and coaching on modern Software Engineering practices and tools, quality processes and standards, and also in software development using cutting-edge technologies. It is conformed by a solid interdisciplinary team of professionals with active participation in university research centers.


Object-Oriented Technologies tools and practices:

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Development Processes
  • Standards for Development Process Improvement (CMM, CMMI, ISO)
  • Project Management and Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Object-Oriented Design with Patterns

Systems Development:

  • Custom Desktop and Back Office Applications
  • Legacy systems maintenance, update and migration
  • Network and Servers Installation, Configuration and Administration
  • Web Site Development and Hosting

Please visit our website at or email us at [email protected].

Contact Details:
Avenida San Martín 1351 piso 1 of 4
(+ 54 261) 4 294 115
(5500) Mendoza - Argentina

Brazil Brazil


CTGI is a Brazilian consulting firm devoted to making its clients more productive and competitive by strategically applying Information Technology to boost business performance. From inception to deployment and operation, Contart offers multiple competencies to transform your plans and needs into effective business results.  To help IT organizations, Contart devotes a special line of business to software engineering, offering the following categories of services:

  • Process Design, Assessment and Improvement (including CMMi enablement) for Software Engineering
  • IT Service Management Consulting (including ITIL and COBIT)
  • Strategic Business Plan and Alignment of IT and Software Areas
  • Training

CTGI - São Paulo - Brazil
Phone/Fax: +55 11 3722-2335
E-mail: [email protected]


CTGI é uma firma brasileira de consultoria dedicada à produtividade e competitividade dos seus clientes, aplicando estrategicamente a Tecnologia da Informação ao aumento do desempenho de negócios. Desde a concepção até a implantação e operação, a Contart oferece múltiplas competências para transformar os seus planos e necessidades em resultados efetivos para o seu negócio.

Para ajudar as organizações de TI, a Contart criou uma linha de negócios especialmente dedicada à engenharia de software, oferecendo as seguintes categorias de serviços:

  • Desenho, Avaliação e Aprimoramento de Processos (incluindo CMMi) para Engenharia de Software
  • Consultoria em Gerenciamento de Serviços de TI (incluindo COBIT e ITIL)
  • Planejamento e alinhamento estratégico  das áreas de TI e Software.
  • Educação

CTGI - São Paulo - Brasil
Fone/Fax +55 11 3722-2335
e-mail: [email protected]

Chile Chile


Craftware Consultores Ltda. is a software firm from Santiago, Chile. We are dedicated to consulting, training and mentoring services, as well as software systems development, process reengineering and enterprise Architecture.


Our vision
Help our client to detect and recognize where to improve their business and enterprise architecture as well as their business and software process

Our principles

  • We offer excellence - Each of the tools or techniques that we aremarketing, we have previously used internally in our projects or processes. Those that have proven to be useful, economic, innovative, pragmatic, we have incorporated into our offer. Only in this way can we deliver an excellent service to our customers.
  • Each customer is unique - In Craftware we do everything possible so that each client feels as if he is our only client. This supposes always a very fast and personalized attention, availability to listen to it and adjust each of our products or services just to suit you, visit it in your dependencies as often as necessary, do not replace the resources assigned to your project, etc.
  • Symbiosis of science and trade - Software is a very particular engineering and distinct from all others. Applying only scientific and engineering practices in software it is impossible to achieve good or excellent results. Uniting experience, pragmatism, creativity and professional instinct with engineering and all this under the light of the particular conditions of each client is our formula for mastery.
  • Stimulating work climate - We all spend an important part of our lives in work. Both within the company and in projects with our clients, our first objective is to establish and maintain an excellent level of human relations and work environment. This means a perfect balance of trust, transparency, motivation and dedication, with good humor and relaxed state at all times. Under these conditions stress and wear is minimized and maximizes the motivation, productivity and welfare of all involved.


For further information, please visit our web site at

Craftware Consultores Ltd
Ahumada 11/309
Santiago, Chile
Telephone: +(56) 22 4665485
Email: [email protected]

Colombia Colombia


Arquesoft is a consulting company specialized in implementing working environments for modeling enterprise architecture, business process and software design, providing customized solutions based on Enterprise Architect that fit the customer requirements. We leverage the learning curve in order to reduce the time-to-model and improve the efficiency of the model by using custom setup strategies that adapt the customer processes and procedures.

Our help-and-teach vision demystify the use of Enterprise Architect, bringing to the end-users the knowledge to solve their own challenges taking advantage of the multiple tools that Enterprise Architect provides.

Our Services:

  • Consulting services and training in Enterprise Architecture, BPM and software modeling
  • Setup of Enterprise Architect environments (including Pro Cloud Server)
  • Customization of modeling process: scripting, profiles, custom MDGs, document templates, dashboards, workflows, etc.
  • Modeling migration from other tools and automation.
  • On-demand support for Enterprise Architect.

For more information please visit

Arquesoft S.A.S
Cra 43 A # 1-50 Torre 1 Of 652
San Fernando Plaza
Medellin, Colombia
Phone/Whatsapp: + (57) 3012094359
Phone: + (57)(4) 6052410
Email: [email protected]

Ecuador Ecuador

Logic Studio

Logic Studio is focused on best practices consultancy for enterprise software development, and custom software development for big companies, providing cutting edge solutions in mainstream object oriented platforms. Logic Studio has regional branches on Ecuador – South America and Panama – Central America. Logic Studio is a Microsoft Certified Partner that counts among its consultants with a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and a Microsoft Regional Director (RD).

Logic Studio services included Project management, Architecture, Visioning, Planning and full cycle software development, Enterprise application design and service oriented development with Microsoft .NET Framework and Java.

Services -.NET Technologies and practices:

  • Agile Methodologies
  • O-O Design and Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Project Management with Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF)
  • Training and Consulting

Systems Development:

  • Web enabled Applications (ASP.NET, JSP and servelts)
  • Legacy System Integration (Web Services, XML)
  • Multi platform Application Integration (Java, J2EE)
  • Out sourcing

For further information, please contact us at:

CEO: Alex Sánchez
Clayton, City of Knowledge, Bldg 235 floor 2, Panama, Panama City
Telephone: (507) 317-1258
Email: [email protected]

Edgar Sánchez
Mariana de Jesús E7-197 y Pradera
Edificio Keros Oficina 101 PB
Telephone: (+593) 2 3237 619
Email: [email protected]

Country(s) of Operation: Ecuador, Panama and Peru.