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Enterprise Architect

Unified Edition

Power Modeling and Simulation

Bring Your Vision to Life

Use a variety of power modeling tools to create simulations and executable code that bring your behavioral models to life. Create code, debug and step through executable sections in C++, Java or .NET.

Leverage Frameworks

Build on the capabilities of the Corporate Edition and take advantage of built in enterprise frameworks such as TOGAF, Zachman, UAF and UPDM. Multiple model patterns and meta-model support make working with frameworks such as TOGAF possible.


Use BPSim, DMN and other tools to define and measure/check outputs and run-time behavior. Step through processes and/or rule based execution. Link DMN and BPSim models and simulations.

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US $649/ license

Watch the Wheels Turn

Powerful Simulation & Code Generation

Enterprise Architect Unified Edition: BPSim 2 Enterprise Architect Unified Edition: DMN Engine Enterprise Architect Unified Edition: Modelica Simulation

Best with Pro Cloud Server pro cloud server logo

To maximize the reach and effectiveness of your models, use of Pro Cloud Server and WebEA is highly recommended. Enabling effective feedback from stakeholders, integrating with other platforms such as Jira and DevOps.

With a rich RESTful API, license management facility and other benefits, the Unified Edition of Enterprise Architect plus Sparx Pro Cloud Server is a winning combination.

BPSim Engine

Put your BPMN models to work with a powerful BPSim process execution engine. Report on the effectiveness of process models and how they respond to a variety of situations and events. Replay the simulation at any pace and explore various scenarios.

DMN Engine

The DMN (Decision Modeling Notation) support in Enterprise Architect 14 is very deep and very powerful. You can define your DMN models then play them through at your pace, checking and verifying rules and outcomes along the way. Define multiple scenarios and see how your logic holds up.

Open Modelica / SysML Engine

Take your SysML Parametric models to the next level by generating exporting code for Open Modelica. With Open Modelica installed you can instantly execute your model and see the result in Open Modelica format. A powerful tool to explore and tailor your systems parametric models.

Executable Code Generation

With version 14 comes new and expanded support for generating code to execute your modeled behavioral logic - from state models and from DMN models. The resultant code can be played as a simulation, but can also be used in your own programs to handle core rule and state based behavior.

Enterprise Frameworks

Open Standards Based Modeling & Design


Take advantage of the built-in support for multiple frameworks in the Unified Edition. TOGAF support includes all the features of the TOGAF MDG Technology plus new model patterns and perspectives in version 14.


Use the built in features of the Unified Edition to quickly and effectively model and design using the Zachman framework for enterprise architecture.


UAF and UPDM support are built into the Unified Edition with no extra cost or download required. For immediate access to these and other frameworks supported by Enterprise Architect 14, choose the Unified Edition.

Visual Studio Integration

For those looking for the MDG Integration of EA and Visual Studio, the Unified Edition comes with that feature pre-installed and enabled. If its on your list of required plug-ins, this edition has it pre-bundled.


Like many other MDG extensions previously sold separately, DDS is now enabled as a pre-bundled part of the Unified Edition and requires no extra licensing or download.

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