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An element of a type domain.

Value Lifeline

A Lifeline that shows the Lifeline's state across the diagram, within parallel lines indicating a steady state.

A cross between the lines indicates a transition or change in state.


A source or a target for a transition in a StateMachine; a vertex can be either a State or a pseudostate.

Pseudo-State State


A projection of a model, which is seen from a given perspective or vantage point and omits entities that are not relevant to this perspective.

View Element

An element that is a textual and/or graphical projection of a collection of model elements.

Model Element (MOF)

View Projection

A projection of model elements onto view elements.

A View Projection provides a location and a style for each view element.


An enumeration whose value ('public', 'protected', 'package' or' private') denotes how the model element to which it refers can be seen outside its enclosing namespace.

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Visual Basic

A rapid application development programming language.

Windows' only scripting language based on COM.