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Synchronize Model and Code

You might either:

  • Synchronize the code for a Package of Classes against the model in the Project Browser, or
  • Regenerate code from a batch of Classes in the model

In such processes, there might be items in the code that are not present in the model.

If you want to trap those items and resolve them manually, select the 'On forward synch, prompt to delete code features not in model' checkbox in the 'Options - Attributes and Operations' dialog, so that the 'Synchronize Element <package name>.<element name>' dialog displays, providing options to respond to each item.

Synchronize Items



See also

Select All

Highlight and select all items in the Feature column.

Clear All

Deselect and remove highlighting from all items in the Feature column.


Mark the selected code features to be removed from the code (the value in the Action column changes to Delete).


Mark the selected code features to be reassigned to elements in the model.

This is only possible when an appropriate model element is present that is not already defined in the code.

The Select the Corresponding Class Feature dialog displays, from which you select the Class to reassign the feature to. Click on the OK button to mark the feature for reassignment.


Mark the selected code elements not present in the model to be ignored completely (the default; the value in the Action column remains as or changes to <none>).

Reset to Default

Reset the selected items to Ignore (the value in the Action column changes to <none>).


Make the assigned changes to the items, and close the dialog.

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