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Matrix Overlays

The Relationship Matrix indicates the existence of connectors between elements by displaying an arrow in the cell at the intersection of the source element row and target element column.

If you prefer, you can toggle the display to a CRUD matrix overlay, where the presence of a connector is indicated by the appropriate value or combination of CRUD values in the intersection cell. You define the actual values that are entered and displayed, so the characters can refer to whatever interpretation of CRUD your organization uses, or they can be another standard set of indicators such as BREAD, or your own custom set of indicators. The values can, therefore, be a selection of these, or anything else you might use:

  • C reate
  • A dd
  • B rowse
  • L ist
  • R ead, R etrieve
  • U pdate
  • E dit
  • M odify
  • D elete, D estroy

Toggle between the two display formats

Click on the 'Overlays' field drop-down arrow and select either:

  • '<None>' to use the direction arrow Relationship Matrix format
  • The name of your overlay, to use the Matrix overlay format, or
  • '<New Overlay>' to create and use a new Matrix overlay

The overlay values display if they have been specifically applied to the relationship via the intersection cell on the Relationship Matrix.

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