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Apply a Filter

You can apply a filter on the 'Rich Text Format Report' dialog to include or exclude elements by date modified, phase or status. This helps to track changes and break a document into multiple delivery phases.

Open the 'Rich Text Format Report' dialog.

  • To enable the date filter, select the checkbox in the 'Date' field
  • In the first two 'Only include objects' fields, click on the drop-down arrows and select the appropriate criteria (Modified/Created, Before/After)
  • The Package phase filter applies at the Package level (not the element level) and ignores the phase of the root Package that you are documenting; to enable the phase filter, in the 'Where Package Phase' field click on the drop-down arrow and select an operator
    Enterprise Architect filters out all Packages that do not meet the selection criteria; all elements in the Package are ignored, regardless of their individual phase
  • The element status filter enables you to limit the output by element status; unlike the Package phase filter, this filter applies to every element
    You can filter against a status of like or unlike a criterion, such as 'like proposed', or against the 'in' and 'not in' operators, such as 'in approved', 'not in validated'; when using the 'in' and 'not in' operators, enter a comma-separated list of status types as your criteria expression

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