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Advanced Diagram Submenu

You can perform a number of advanced tasks and operations on a diagram and its contents. To access and initiate these operations, you can select options from the diagram 'Advanced' submenu.


Context Menu

Right-click on diagram background | Advanced




See also

Compare Diagram to Baseline

Select this option to perform a comparison of the diagram layout against a version from a previously saved baseline.

This option can be used to roll back individual changes made to the diagram since the baseline was created.

Check Visual Changes to Diagrams Manage Baselines

Save as Profile

Select this option to save the current diagram as a Profile.

Export a Profile

Create Working Set Artifact

Select this option to create a Working Set Artifact on the diagram, to define a Working Set that includes an instruction to open the diagram.

Artifact Working Sets

Set Theme

Select this option to set the Theme to apply to all diagrams that you display in the model.

The 'Preferences' dialog displays, at the 'Diagram > Themes' page.

Diagram Theme Options

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