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Z Order Elements

Z Order refers to the sequence in which elements are layered through the depth of the diagram; each element on the diagram has a specific Z-order number that - when elements overlap - determines which elements the selected element displays over, and which underneath. You can move an element:

  • One place further back, deeper into the diagram
  • One place further forward, towards the front of the diagram
  • To the bottom of the diagram (deeper in than all other elements in the diagram)
  • To the top of the diagram (further forward than all other elements in the diagram)



Layout > Alignment > choose either 'Bring to Front' or 'Send to Back'

Context Menu

Right-click on element | Z-Order : Select the appropriate option to reposition the selected element.


  • This option enables you to change the Z order of a single element approximately in relation to the rest of the diagram; you can also select the 'Modify Z Order' option from the diagram context menu, to review and adjust the Z Order of each element on the diagram precisely relative to each other element
  • On a diagram, you can move the focus from element to element according to Z Order, by pressing Shift+Tab; each time you press these keys, the element with the next-lowest Z Order number is selected

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