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Remove Recent Projects

On both the 'File' menu and the Start Page 'Recent' section, the projects that you have opened most recently are listed in the order of opening date/time up to a maximum of ten projects, with the most recently opened project at the top of the list. If the list identifies projects that you do not want to be so immediately accessible, you can remove them specifically from the list.

Removing a project from the list only removes the hyperlink to the project and does not remove the project from the file system or repository.



> Open Project

Keyboard Shortcuts


Remove a project hyperlink from the Recent list



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On the 'Manage Projects' dialog, in the 'Recent Projects' panel, click on the project to be removed.


Click on the Remove Selection from List button.

The project link is immediately removed from the list.


  • You can only remove one project link from the list at a time
  • To remove a link there must be at least two projects in the list

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