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Getting Started

The Profiler can be used to investigate performance issues, providing three separate tools for you to choose from, namely:

  • Call Graph
  • Memory Profile
  • Memory Leaks

You select the tools from the Profiler toolbar.




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Call Graph

Analyzes performance by taking samples during an activity in a program. Each sample represents a stack. The samples are taken at intervals controlled using the toolbar. In this scenario, poor performance is rated by the patterns of behavior that repeat the most during the sample time period. This figure is used to weight the Call Graph produced.

Call Graph

Memory Profile

Analyzes performance by hooking the memory allocations made by a program. In this scenario, poor performance is rated by the activities making the most requests for memory. This figure is used to weight the Call Graph produced.

Memory Profile

Memory Leaks

Analyzes memory leaks by hooking the memory operations performed by a program. What is produced is a Call Graph presenting the Call Stacks that allocated memory for which a free operation was not detected.

Memory Leaks



Code > Analyzer > Profile

Execute > Analyze > Profiler > Open Profiler


Execution Analyzer toolbar : Analyzer Windows | Profiler

Toolbar Buttons



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Profiler options

Debugger Facilities Analyzer Scripts

Launches the configured application to be profiled. By default, this is the application configured in the active Analyzer Script.

Managing Scripts

While the Profiler is running, pauses and resumes capture.

When capture is paused, the Report button and Discard Data button are active.

Stops the Profiler process; if any samples have been collected, the Report button is enabled.

Generates a report from the current data collection.

Generate, Save and Load Profile Reports

For the call sampler, sets the interval, in milliseconds, at which samples are taken of the target process; the range of possible values is 1 - 250. (Sampler strategy only.)

Setting Options

Discards the collected data. You are prompted to confirm the discard.

Displays the Help topic for this window.