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Enterprise Architect can be used for all aspects of Brainstorming, from session planning and definition of evaluation criteria to recording the ideas during the session and their evaluation during wrap up. The Document Artifact allows the modeler to create a document that is stored in the repository and available to all modelers. It can be used to describe the Brainstorming session, recording such things as the definition of the area of interest, timing and stakeholders. This document can be sent by model mail to all stakeholders. A Mind Mapping diagram can be used to record the ideas that emerge during the session, allowing them to be presented visually in a compelling and neutral format. In the wrap up Checklists can be used to asses each idea against the evaluation criteria.

This section lists the main tools available in Enterprise Architect that can be used to perform this business analysis technique. There is also a wide range of additional tools that a modeler might find suitable when applying the technique in a particular context. The complete list of tools is available from the topic Business Modeling Tools.

Document Artifact

The Document Artifact is like a word processor file available inside the repository and it is a convenient way of creating a plan for a Brainstorming Session. It can also be used to record the discussions, ideas and information that surfaces during the session. It has the advantage of being able to reference elements and diagrams contained in the Project Browser by the creation of hyperlinks. Built-in templates can be used for the document or user defined templates can be created and reused if required with other Brainstorming sessions.

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Mind Mapping Diagram

A MindMapping Diagram is a productive way to capture the ideas that are expounded during a Brainstorming session. With a Central Topic defined, Main Topics can be added to structure thoughts and then Topics are added as new ideas emerge. The Notes window could be kept open and used to record the details of ideas. Alternatively the Element Discussions window could be used to record the discussions and dialogs.

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Element Discussions

Element Discussion provide a convenient way of recording what is being discussed in a Brainstorming session. If a plan for the Brain storming session has been created using a Document Artifact a scribe could record the discussion using the Document Artifact element. Alternatively if a Mind Mapping diagram is being used detailed discussion could be recorded against the topics in the Mind Mapping diagram.

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The Calendar can be used to schedule a Brainstorming session and model users can see this meeting in the context of the other events scheduled for the project.

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Model Mail

Model Mail is a perfect way to let people know about a planned Brainstorming session and also to inform them when the results of the session have been completed. If a plan has been developed for the Brainstorming session in a Document Artifact this can be attached by inserting a link to the element using the Insert Quick Link function. Any other material such as diagrams matrices can also be attached in the same way.

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A Checklist can be used to assess each of the ideas against predefined evaluation criteria. The Checklist items can be configured to express the criteria and provide a compelling visual representation of the quality of the ideas.

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