Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Introduction to Enterprise Architect

Welcome to Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, a UML 2.5 based modeling tool for designing and constructing software systems, for business process modeling, and for generalized modeling purposes such as visualizing existing systems and processes.

The Enterprise Architect User Guide provides tutorials, guidance and reference material to help you use Enterprise Architect:

See the Overview for further details of what Enterprise Architect can do and what you can use it for.

Enterprise Architect makes extensive use of UML, so we describe the Enterprise Architect representations of UML diagrams, elements and connectors. Enterprise Architect also includes a Technology Developer's interface (Automation and Scripts) that enables you to extend and customize the tool.

To Use This Guide

If you are new to modeling and UML as well as Enterprise Architect, or otherwise want a rapid review of the process of modeling with Enterprise Architect, go to the Quickstart Tutorial. This is not just a theoretical description - the first things you do are start Enterprise Architect and immediately create a model project.

Enterprise Architect is very flexible and has lots of features. When working through the Quickstart tutorial you will see many links to more extensive descriptions of features, functions, tasks and procedures, in the User Interface Guide. You can follow any of these immediately if you require more information.

You should read the Sparx Systems Formal Statements, including the Copyright Notice and our End User Licensing Agreement.

You can also check the Glossary for definitions of various terms and concepts used in this guide.

Your Feedback

Sparx Systems likes to stay in touch with what Enterprise Architect users require in order to accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively. We value any suggestions, feedback and comments you might have regarding this product, documentation or install process.

You can access our online feedback pages at:

Alternatively, you can contact Sparx Systems by email at: [email protected]