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Version Control

Within Enterprise Architect, you can manage changes to and revisions of your projects by placing individual model Packages, view nodes or root nodes under version control. Version control provides numerous key facilities, including:

  • Saving a history of changes to Packages
  • The ability to retrieve previous revisions of Packages
  • Propagating model updates between team members
  • Coordinating the sharing of Packages between team members

You apply version control through a third-party source-code control application that manages access to and stores revisions of the controlled Packages. Once the version control software has been installed and configured, you must define a Version Control Configuration within your project. You can then use version control to manage changes to the Packages of your model.

Version Control

This collection of images illustrates the use of the version control tools available to you in Enterprise Architect


  • Sparx Systems strongly urge you not to manipulate version controlled Package files outside of Enterprise Architect; it is possible to leave the Package files in a state that Enterprise Architect cannot recognize
  • Database replication should not be combined with version controlled Packages
  • If the Packages under version control contain any alternative images and those images are subject to frequent change, you can set the 'Export alternate images' option on the 'Preferences' dialog to export the images to the version control repository when you check in the Packages; if the images are not subject to frequent change, do not select this option and instead use 'Export/Import Reference Data' to manage alternative images

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