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Add Profile Objects to a Diagram

After a technology has been imported into your project, the profiled objects (elements and connectors) and features (attributes and operations) are available from the technology pages of the Diagram Toolbox. The way in which you add the Profile objects to a diagram is no different from the way in which you use the standard UML objects on the system.



Design > Diagram > Toolbox : More tools > <technology name>

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+5 : More tools | <technology name>

Use the Profile Objects



Add a Profile-based element to a diagram

Click on the element in the Toolbox page and drag it onto the diagram.

Add a Profile-based connector to a diagram

Click on the connector in the Toolbox page, then click on the source element in the diagram and drag it to the target.

Add a Profile-based attribute or operation to a diagram

Click on the attribute or operation in the Toolbox page, and drag it onto the host element on the diagram.

The system prompts you to enter a name for the feature.

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