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Local Paths

When a team of developers are working on the same Enterprise Architect model, each developer might store their version of the source code in their local file system, but not always at the same location as their fellow developers. To manage this scenario in Enterprise Architect, you can define local paths for each user, on the 'Local Paths' dialog.

You can use local paths in generating code and reverse engineering, and in version control, developing XML schemas and generating document and web reports.

Local paths might take a little time to set up, but if you want to work collaboratively on source and model concurrently, the effort is well worth while.

For example, if:

  • Developer A stores her .java files in a C:\Java\Source directory, while developer B stores his in D:\Source, and
  • Both developers want to generate and reverse engineer into the same Enterprise Architect model located on a shared (or replicated) network drive

Developer A might define a local path of:

     JAVA_SOURCE = "C:\Java\Source"

All Classes generated and stored in the Enterprise Architect project are stored as:


Developer B defines a local path as:

     JAVA_SOURCE ="D:\Source"

Now, Enterprise Architect stores all java files in these directories as:


On each developer's machine, the filename is expanded to the correct local version.



Code > Source Code > Configure > Manage Local Paths

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