Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Search Intelli-sense

When editing a code file with the code editor, you can perform a search for a text string in any Intelli-sense libraries listed in the active Execution Analyzer script.


On the Find in Files window, click on the 'Intelli-sense Search' tab at the bottom of the window.


Start > Explore > Search > Search in Source Files

Keyboard Shortcuts


Intelli-sense Libraries

Intelli-sense libraries are information databases that can be used to perform searches and queries on a code base. The databases are created from source code directories using a specific language such as C++, Java or C#, and are available using shortcut keys and context menus in Enterprise Architect code editors.

The libraries are created, updated, removed or added in the 'Analyzer Script Editor'. A typical scenario for using this feature would be create libraries for your source code and that of any libraries you are referencing. The libraries for your source can then be updated frequently with code changes, while the external libraries that remain mostly static will not get updated often. Libraries can be searched in a similar way to the 'File Search' tool, but with these differences:

  • Multiple directories can be searched at once by having multiple libraries
  • A query can be run in a fraction of the time required for a File Search
  • All files are indexed based on equivalent UML constructs, allowing intelligent searches producing meaningful results in a modeling setting

The Intelli-sense Search Control

The Intelli-sense Search Control is presented as the 'Intelli-sense Search' tab. From this control you view the results of Intelli-sense searches initiated from within the code editor. This control can be used to run, create and maintain queries. Each query is named and the names of all queries become available as sub-menu items in the 'Search Intelli-sense' context menu displayed in the code editors.

Using the 'Intelli-sense Search' tab toolbar you can run, create and maintain Intelli-sense queries. Queries are saved as either Personal or Model queries. Model queries are available to all users of the model; currently, a set of common Model queries are supplied by Sparx Systems and it is not expected that you will have to create others. All queries work on any Intelli-sense library created by users.

To view a query, select it from the list and use the gray arrow button at the far right of the toolbar to open the query editor.