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Creating and Deleting Relationships

Having reviewed existing relationships on the Relationship Matrix, you can use the Matrix to quickly modify or delete those relationships and create others between the elements. This is a very useful facility for maintaining a large number of relationships in a short space of time. As you can filter for specific types of connector and source and target element, you can create a logical set of relationships without having to specify the type of each object every time.



Design > Impact > Matrix

Specification-Specify > Specification > Matrix > (Open As Source, Open As Target, Open As Both)

Context Menu

Project Browser |Right-click on Package | Relationship Matrix | (As Source, As Target or As Both)

Create a new relationship



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In the 'Link Type' field, select the type of relationship you want to create, and in the 'Type' fields select the types of source and target element between which to create the relationships.


Right-click on the empty square at the intersection of the appropriate source row and target column.

You can select and operate on several squares (creating several relationships) at once. Either:

  • Press Ctrl as you click on each intersecting square, then right-click on one of the selected squares, or
  • Click on the first square in the required row, column or block, then press Shift as you click on the final square in the required row, column or block; right-click on one of the selected squares


Select either the:

  • 'Create new relationship' option, if no overlay is to be applied
  • 'Create new relationship with overlay' option, to apply an overlay as you create the relationship

If the 'Direction' field is set to 'Both', you are offered the choice of creating the relationship to the Source element or to the Target element.

A further submenu might display, listing any variations on the type of relationship you can create; in this case, click on the required type of relationship.

Apply an Overlay to a Cell


A connector of the selected type is created between the two elements, and the appropriate indicator displays in the matrix cell.

Modify or delete a relationship on the Relationship Matrix



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Right-click on the required highlighted relationship cell on the matrix, and select the appropriate context menu option:

  • Apply overlay - apply the CRUD overlay, if one is selected
  • Edit overlay - change the overlay values assigned to the cell
  • Remove overlay - take the overlay off this cell only, and revert to the connector direction arrow icon
  • View relationship - open the 'Properties' dialog for the selected relationship
  • Source element properties - open the 'Properties' dialog for the source element
  • Target element properties - open the 'Properties' dialog for the target element
  • Delete relationship - remove the relationship from between the elements


If you have selected 'Delete relationship', Enterprise Architect prompts you to confirm this action.

Click on the Yes button.

The 'Delete relationship' option is not available if:

  • The source element (that is, the owner) is locked
  • You have selected 'Both' in the 'Direction' field - you are effectively trying to delete half a relationship


If you have selected one of the other options, modify the properties in the dialog fields as required.

Click on the OK button to save the changes.

Properties Dialog Connector Properties Apply an Overlay to a Cell

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