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Create a SQL Server Repository

Creating a SQL Server database is fully documented in the product information provided with your SQL Server installer.

Having created your SQL Server database, use the SQL script (SQLServer_EASchema.sql) provided by Sparx Systems to create the required table definitions for Enterprise Architect. You can obtain the script from the Sparx Systems website, on the:

  • Registered Corporate edition 'Resources' page (Registered users)
  • Corporate edition 'Resources' page (Trial users)

If you are unfamiliar with SQL Server and DBMS systems in general, you might want to consider a suitable front end tool, such as SQL Enterprise Manager.

SQL Enterprise Manager example




In SQL Enterprise Manager, locate the server on which to create your new project; for example: DBSERVER02\SQLEXPRESS.


Right-click and choose the 'New Database' option.


Enter a suitable name for the database. Set any file options as required.

Ensure that the database collation is set to the alphabet you use, such as Latin or Cyrillic, and case-insensitive.


Click on the database to select it, then select the 'New Query' menu option.


In the Query window, use the 'Open File' dialog to locate the SQLServer_EASchema.sql script file.


Click on the Open button. In the drop-down menu, check that you have selected the correct database to run the script in.


Click on the Execute button; SQL Server executes the script, which creates the base tables for an Enterprise Architect project.


  • This feature is available in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System Engineering and Ultimate editions
  • When creating a project in a SQL Server database you must have 'db_ddladmin' permission in order to execute the SET IDENTITY_INSERT (table) {ON | OFF} command

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