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Search the model

WebEA provides a facility that enables you to search through the model for a specific item or group of items that have certain characteristics. This can help you to quickly locate objects of importance, such as elements you have created yourself (if you have the access privileges to do so).

You could use the Search facility to locate recent work on various objects, as identified by the Watchlist. See the Create and Check Watchlists Help topic.

You access the Search facility by selecting the 'Search' option at the top of the 'Hamburger' menu.

Search Specification

Define your search using these options.



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Search for

Click on the radio button for the type of object you are searching for:

  • 'Diagrams'
  • 'Elements'
  • 'Packages' or
  • 'Discussions'

If you select the 'Discussions' radio button, the 'Search in' and 'Criteria' options are not relevant and so are grayed out and unavailable. The search is for elements having active discussions within the specified time period.

Search in

Click on the radio button for the object field or property in which to search for the criteria:

  • Name
  • Name, Alias and Notes (the proper name, an assigned alternative name, and any text written in the object's 'Notes' field)
  • Author (the person who created the object)
  • ID (the GUID of the object, displayed as the last item in the 'Properties' panel when you expand it)


Type or paste in the string of characters or digits you want to locate - name, Notes text or the complete object ID. Be aware that for some DBMSs - such as Firebird or Oracle - searches are case-sensitive.


Click on the drop-down arrow and select the period of time over which to search. You can select to search for objects modified:

  • Today
  • Within the last 3 days
  • Within the last 7 days
  • Within the last 14 days
  • Within the last 30 days
  • At any time


Click on this button to execute the search and locate the objects that meet the search criteria.

Search Results

When you execute the search the results are displayed on a new page.

The results provide the object type, name, author and last-modified date of each object that matches the search criteria. If you click on an item, the 'Properties' view displays for that object.

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