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Assign a Tagged Value to an Item

You can assign Tagged Values to a range of model objects, including elements, object instances, connectors, attributes and operations, using the Tagged Values window. You would probably have the window open already as a docked window, and any object you select becomes the focus of the window; you can then review and add or delete Tagged Values for that object.



Start > Windows > Tagged Values

Show > Window > Tagged Values

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Assign a Tagged Value to an item



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Select the model feature to which to assign a Tagged Value. This feature becomes the focus of the window.


In the Tagged Values window, either click on the icon or press Ctrl+N.

The 'Tagged Value' dialog displays.


In the 'Tag' field type the tag name, or click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate tag to assign to the item.


If appropriate, type a specific value for the tag in the 'Value' field.


To confirm selection of the Tagged Value, click on the OK button.


  • You can also assign a Tagged Value directly to an element in a diagram either by right-clicking on the element and selecting 'Advanced | Tagged Value' or by clicking on the element and pressing Ctrl+Shift+T, then completing the Tagged Value dialog as described above

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